[00/19] staging: wfx: simplify start/shutdown of RF

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  • staging: wfx: simplify start/shutdown of RF
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Jerome Pouiller April 10, 2020, 1:32 p.m.
From: Jérôme Pouiller <jerome.pouiller@silabs.com>


This series mainly simplify the processes to join/leave/create networks.

Notice it intended to be applied on top of the Pull-Request named
"staging: wfx: clean up HIF API".

Jérôme Pouiller (19):
  staging: wfx: fix race between configure_filter and remove_interface
  staging: wfx: reduce hold duration of cfg80211_bss
  staging: wfx: call wfx_do_unjoin() synchronously
  staging: wfx: implement start_ap/stop_ap
  staging: wfx: set all parameters before starting AP
  staging: wfx: change the way the station associate to an AP
  staging: wfx: remove useless call to wfx_tx_flush()
  staging: wfx: fix support for BSS_CHANGED_KEEP_ALIVE
  staging: wfx: disabling keep alive during unjoin is useless
  staging: wfx: drop unnecessary condition checks in
  staging: wfx: request to send beacons in IBSS mode
  staging: wfx: remove unnecessary conditions in wfx_bss_info_changed()
  staging: wfx: avoid duplicate updating of beacon template
  staging: wfx: allow to join IBSS networks
  staging: wfx: introduce wfx_join_ibss() and wfx_leave_ibss()
  staging: wfx: re-enable BA after reset
  staging: wfx: check value of beacon_int
  staging: wfx: drop unused attribute 'beacon_int'
  staging: wfx: drop useless update of macaddr

 drivers/staging/wfx/hif_tx.c |   2 +
 drivers/staging/wfx/main.c   |   4 +
 drivers/staging/wfx/scan.c   |   4 +-
 drivers/staging/wfx/sta.c    | 241 ++++++++++++-----------------------
 drivers/staging/wfx/sta.h    |   4 +
 drivers/staging/wfx/wfx.h    |   2 -
 6 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 165 deletions(-)