[v4,2/8] crypto - aes: use dedicated lookup tables for table based asm routines

Message ID 20170718120645.15880-3-ard.biesheuvel@linaro.org
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  • crypto: aes - retire table based generic AES
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Ard Biesheuvel July 18, 2017, 12:06 p.m.
Instead of linking against the table based AES generic C code to reuse
the lookup tables, add an assembler file that defines a couple of macros
that instantiate the tables in-place. This allows us to replace AES in
a subsequent patch.

Signed-off-by: Ard Biesheuvel <ard.biesheuvel@linaro.org>

 arch/arm/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S   |    7 +
 arch/arm64/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S |    8 +-
 arch/x86/crypto/aes-i586-asm_32.S   |   13 +-
 arch/x86/crypto/aes-x86_64-asm_64.S |   12 +-
 include/crypto/aes-tables.S         | 1104 ++++++++++++++++++++
 include/crypto/aes.h                |    5 -
 6 files changed, 1132 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)



diff --git a/arch/arm/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S b/arch/arm/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
index c817a86c4ca8..a727692cd9c1 100644
--- a/arch/arm/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
+++ b/arch/arm/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ 
  * published by the Free Software Foundation.
+#include <crypto/aes-tables.S>
 #include <linux/linkage.h>
@@ -170,6 +171,12 @@ 
+	.align			6
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_ft_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_fl_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_it_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_il_tab
 	do_crypt	fround, crypto_ft_tab, crypto_fl_tab
diff --git a/arch/arm64/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S b/arch/arm64/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
index f2f9cc519309..bbe5dd96135c 100644
--- a/arch/arm64/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
+++ b/arch/arm64/crypto/aes-cipher-core.S
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ 
  * published by the Free Software Foundation.
+#include <crypto/aes-tables.S>
 #include <linux/linkage.h>
 #include <asm/assembler.h>
@@ -99,7 +100,12 @@  CPU_BE(	rev		w8, w8		)
-	.align		5
+	.align			7
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_ft_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_fl_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_it_tab
+	aes_table_reduced	crypto_il_tab
 	do_crypt	fround, crypto_ft_tab, crypto_fl_tab
diff --git a/arch/x86/crypto/aes-i586-asm_32.S b/arch/x86/crypto/aes-i586-asm_32.S
index 2849dbc59e11..d68c57ca2ace 100644
--- a/arch/x86/crypto/aes-i586-asm_32.S
+++ b/arch/x86/crypto/aes-i586-asm_32.S
@@ -38,6 +38,13 @@ 
 #include <linux/linkage.h>
 #include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
+#include <crypto/aes-tables.S>
+.align 4
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_ft_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_fl_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_it_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_il_tab
 #define tlen 1024   // length of each of 4 'xor' arrays (256 32-bit words)
@@ -220,9 +227,6 @@ 
 // AES (Rijndael) Encryption Subroutine
 /* void aes_enc_blk(struct crypto_aes_ctx *ctx, u8 *out_blk, const u8 *in_blk) */
-.extern  crypto_ft_tab
-.extern  crypto_fl_tab
 	push    %ebp
 	mov     ctx(%esp),%ebp
@@ -292,9 +296,6 @@  ENDPROC(aes_enc_blk)
 // AES (Rijndael) Decryption Subroutine
 /* void aes_dec_blk(struct crypto_aes_ctx *ctx, u8 *out_blk, const u8 *in_blk) */
-.extern  crypto_it_tab
-.extern  crypto_il_tab
 	push    %ebp
 	mov     ctx(%esp),%ebp
diff --git a/arch/x86/crypto/aes-x86_64-asm_64.S b/arch/x86/crypto/aes-x86_64-asm_64.S
index 8739cf7795de..7b5a9ef3e51d 100644
--- a/arch/x86/crypto/aes-x86_64-asm_64.S
+++ b/arch/x86/crypto/aes-x86_64-asm_64.S
@@ -8,15 +8,17 @@ 
  * including this sentence is retained in full.
-.extern crypto_ft_tab
-.extern crypto_it_tab
-.extern crypto_fl_tab
-.extern crypto_il_tab
 #include <linux/linkage.h>
 #include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
+#include <crypto/aes-tables.S>
+.align 4
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_ft_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_fl_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_it_tab
+aes_table_prerotated crypto_il_tab
 #define R1	%rax
 #define R1E	%eax
diff --git a/include/crypto/aes-tables.S b/include/crypto/aes-tables.S
new file mode 100644
index 000000000000..9625c38a76fb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/include/crypto/aes-tables.S
@@ -0,0 +1,1104 @@ 
+ * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
+ * Copyright (c) 2002, Dr Brian Gladman <brg@gladman.me.uk>, Worcester, UK.
+ * All rights reserved.
+ *
+ *
+ * The free distribution and use of this software in both source and binary
+ * form is allowed (with or without changes) provided that:
+ *
+ *   1. distributions of this source code include the above copyright
+ *      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer;
+ *
+ *   2. distributions in binary form include the above copyright
+ *      notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer
+ *      in the documentation and/or other associated materials;
+ *
+ *   3. the copyright holder's name is not used to endorse products
+ *      built using this software without specific written permission.
+ *
+ * ALTERNATIVELY, provided that this notice is retained in full, this product
+ * may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL),
+ * in which case the provisions of the GPL apply INSTEAD OF those given above.
+ *
+ *
+ * This software is provided 'as is' with no explicit or implied warranties
+ * in respect of its properties, including, but not limited to, correctness
+ * and/or fitness for purpose.
+ * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
+ */
+#include <linux/linkage.h>
+	.macro		aes_table_reduced, name
+	__aes_tab	\name, 0
+	.endm
+	.macro		aes_table_prerotated, name
+	__aes_tab	\name, 1
+	.endm
+	.macro		__aes_tab, name, full
+	__\name		\full
+	.size		\name, . - \name
+	.endm
+	.macro		__crypto_ft_tab, full=1
+	.long		0xa56363c6, 0x847c7cf8, 0x997777ee, 0x8d7b7bf6
+	.long		0x0df2f2ff, 0xbd6b6bd6, 0xb16f6fde, 0x54c5c591
+	.long		0x50303060, 0x03010102, 0xa96767ce, 0x7d2b2b56
+	.long		0x19fefee7, 0x62d7d7b5, 0xe6abab4d, 0x9a7676ec
+	.long		0x45caca8f, 0x9d82821f, 0x40c9c989, 0x877d7dfa
+	.long		0x15fafaef, 0xeb5959b2, 0xc947478e, 0x0bf0f0fb
+	.long		0xecadad41, 0x67d4d4b3, 0xfda2a25f, 0xeaafaf45
+	.long		0xbf9c9c23, 0xf7a4a453, 0x967272e4, 0x5bc0c09b
+	.long		0xc2b7b775, 0x1cfdfde1, 0xae93933d, 0x6a26264c
+	.long		0x5a36366c, 0x413f3f7e, 0x02f7f7f5, 0x4fcccc83
+	.long		0x5c343468, 0xf4a5a551, 0x34e5e5d1, 0x08f1f1f9
+	.long		0x937171e2, 0x73d8d8ab, 0x53313162, 0x3f15152a
+	.long		0x0c040408, 0x52c7c795, 0x65232346, 0x5ec3c39d
+	.long		0x28181830, 0xa1969637, 0x0f05050a, 0xb59a9a2f
+	.long		0x0907070e, 0x36121224, 0x9b80801b, 0x3de2e2df
+	.long		0x26ebebcd, 0x6927274e, 0xcdb2b27f, 0x9f7575ea
+	.long		0x1b090912, 0x9e83831d, 0x742c2c58, 0x2e1a1a34
+	.long		0x2d1b1b36, 0xb26e6edc, 0xee5a5ab4, 0xfba0a05b
+	.long		0xf65252a4, 0x4d3b3b76, 0x61d6d6b7, 0xceb3b37d
+	.long		0x7b292952, 0x3ee3e3dd, 0x712f2f5e, 0x97848413
+	.long		0xf55353a6, 0x68d1d1b9, 0x00000000, 0x2cededc1
+	.long		0x60202040, 0x1ffcfce3, 0xc8b1b179, 0xed5b5bb6
+	.long		0xbe6a6ad4, 0x46cbcb8d, 0xd9bebe67, 0x4b393972
+	.long		0xde4a4a94, 0xd44c4c98, 0xe85858b0, 0x4acfcf85
+	.long		0x6bd0d0bb, 0x2aefefc5, 0xe5aaaa4f, 0x16fbfbed
+	.long		0xc5434386, 0xd74d4d9a, 0x55333366, 0x94858511
+	.long		0xcf45458a, 0x10f9f9e9, 0x06020204, 0x817f7ffe
+	.long		0xf05050a0, 0x443c3c78, 0xba9f9f25, 0xe3a8a84b
+	.long		0xf35151a2, 0xfea3a35d, 0xc0404080, 0x8a8f8f05
+	.long		0xad92923f, 0xbc9d9d21, 0x48383870, 0x04f5f5f1
+	.long		0xdfbcbc63, 0xc1b6b677, 0x75dadaaf, 0x63212142
+	.long		0x30101020, 0x1affffe5, 0x0ef3f3fd, 0x6dd2d2bf
+	.long		0x4ccdcd81, 0x140c0c18, 0x35131326, 0x2fececc3
+	.long		0xe15f5fbe, 0xa2979735, 0xcc444488, 0x3917172e
+	.long		0x57c4c493, 0xf2a7a755, 0x827e7efc, 0x473d3d7a
+	.long		0xac6464c8, 0xe75d5dba, 0x2b191932, 0x957373e6
+	.long		0xa06060c0, 0x98818119, 0xd14f4f9e, 0x7fdcdca3
+	.long		0x66222244, 0x7e2a2a54, 0xab90903b, 0x8388880b
+	.long		0xca46468c, 0x29eeeec7, 0xd3b8b86b, 0x3c141428
+	.long		0x79dedea7, 0xe25e5ebc, 0x1d0b0b16, 0x76dbdbad
+	.long		0x3be0e0db, 0x56323264, 0x4e3a3a74, 0x1e0a0a14
+	.long		0xdb494992, 0x0a06060c, 0x6c242448, 0xe45c5cb8
+	.long		0x5dc2c29f, 0x6ed3d3bd, 0xefacac43, 0xa66262c4
+	.long		0xa8919139, 0xa4959531, 0x37e4e4d3, 0x8b7979f2
+	.long		0x32e7e7d5, 0x43c8c88b, 0x5937376e, 0xb76d6dda
+	.long		0x8c8d8d01, 0x64d5d5b1, 0xd24e4e9c, 0xe0a9a949
+	.long		0xb46c6cd8, 0xfa5656ac, 0x07f4f4f3, 0x25eaeacf
+	.long		0xaf6565ca, 0x8e7a7af4, 0xe9aeae47, 0x18080810
+	.long		0xd5baba6f, 0x887878f0, 0x6f25254a, 0x722e2e5c
+	.long		0x241c1c38, 0xf1a6a657, 0xc7b4b473, 0x51c6c697
+	.long		0x23e8e8cb, 0x7cdddda1, 0x9c7474e8, 0x211f1f3e
+	.long		0xdd4b4b96, 0xdcbdbd61, 0x868b8b0d, 0x858a8a0f
+	.long		0x907070e0, 0x423e3e7c, 0xc4b5b571, 0xaa6666cc
+	.long		0xd8484890, 0x05030306, 0x01f6f6f7, 0x120e0e1c
+	.long		0xa36161c2, 0x5f35356a, 0xf95757ae, 0xd0b9b969
+	.long		0x91868617, 0x58c1c199, 0x271d1d3a, 0xb99e9e27
+	.long		0x38e1e1d9, 0x13f8f8eb, 0xb398982b, 0x33111122
+	.long		0xbb6969d2, 0x70d9d9a9, 0x898e8e07, 0xa7949433
+	.long		0xb69b9b2d, 0x221e1e3c, 0x92878715, 0x20e9e9c9
+	.long		0x49cece87, 0xff5555aa, 0x78282850, 0x7adfdfa5
+	.long		0x8f8c8c03, 0xf8a1a159, 0x80898909, 0x170d0d1a
+	.long		0xdabfbf65, 0x31e6e6d7, 0xc6424284, 0xb86868d0
+	.long		0xc3414182, 0xb0999929, 0x772d2d5a, 0x110f0f1e
+	.long		0xcbb0b07b, 0xfc5454a8, 0xd6bbbb6d, 0x3a16162c
+	.if \full == 1
+	.long		0x6363c6a5, 0x7c7cf884, 0x7777ee99, 0x7b7bf68d
+	.long		0xf2f2ff0d, 0x6b6bd6bd, 0x6f6fdeb1, 0xc5c59154
+	.long		0x30306050, 0x01010203, 0x6767cea9, 0x2b2b567d
+	.long		0xfefee719, 0xd7d7b562, 0xabab4de6, 0x7676ec9a
+	.long		0xcaca8f45, 0x82821f9d, 0xc9c98940, 0x7d7dfa87
+	.long		0xfafaef15, 0x5959b2eb, 0x47478ec9, 0xf0f0fb0b
+	.long		0xadad41ec, 0xd4d4b367, 0xa2a25ffd, 0xafaf45ea
+	.long		0x9c9c23bf, 0xa4a453f7, 0x7272e496, 0xc0c09b5b
+	.long		0xb7b775c2, 0xfdfde11c, 0x93933dae, 0x26264c6a
+	.long		0x36366c5a, 0x3f3f7e41, 0xf7f7f502, 0xcccc834f
+	.long		0x3434685c, 0xa5a551f4, 0xe5e5d134, 0xf1f1f908
+	.long		0x7171e293, 0xd8d8ab73, 0x31316253, 0x15152a3f
+	.long		0x0404080c, 0xc7c79552, 0x23234665, 0xc3c39d5e
+	.long		0x18183028, 0x969637a1, 0x05050a0f, 0x9a9a2fb5
+	.long		0x07070e09, 0x12122436, 0x80801b9b, 0xe2e2df3d
+	.long		0xebebcd26, 0x27274e69, 0xb2b27fcd, 0x7575ea9f
+	.long		0x0909121b, 0x83831d9e, 0x2c2c5874, 0x1a1a342e
+	.long		0x1b1b362d, 0x6e6edcb2, 0x5a5ab4ee, 0xa0a05bfb
+	.long		0x5252a4f6, 0x3b3b764d, 0xd6d6b761, 0xb3b37dce
+	.long		0x2929527b, 0xe3e3dd3e, 0x2f2f5e71, 0x84841397
+	.long		0x5353a6f5, 0xd1d1b968, 0x00000000, 0xededc12c
+	.long		0x20204060, 0xfcfce31f, 0xb1b179c8, 0x5b5bb6ed
+	.long		0x6a6ad4be, 0xcbcb8d46, 0xbebe67d9, 0x3939724b
+	.long		0x4a4a94de, 0x4c4c98d4, 0x5858b0e8, 0xcfcf854a
+	.long		0xd0d0bb6b, 0xefefc52a, 0xaaaa4fe5, 0xfbfbed16
+	.long		0x434386c5, 0x4d4d9ad7, 0x33336655, 0x85851194
+	.long		0x45458acf, 0xf9f9e910, 0x02020406, 0x7f7ffe81
+	.long		0x5050a0f0, 0x3c3c7844, 0x9f9f25ba, 0xa8a84be3
+	.long		0x5151a2f3, 0xa3a35dfe, 0x404080c0, 0x8f8f058a
+	.long		0x92923fad, 0x9d9d21bc, 0x38387048, 0xf5f5f104
+	.long		0xbcbc63df, 0xb6b677c1, 0xdadaaf75, 0x21214263
+	.long		0x10102030, 0xffffe51a, 0xf3f3fd0e, 0xd2d2bf6d
+	.long		0xcdcd814c, 0x0c0c1814, 0x13132635, 0xececc32f
+	.long		0x5f5fbee1, 0x979735a2, 0x444488cc, 0x17172e39
+	.long		0xc4c49357, 0xa7a755f2, 0x7e7efc82, 0x3d3d7a47
+	.long		0x6464c8ac, 0x5d5dbae7, 0x1919322b, 0x7373e695
+	.long		0x6060c0a0, 0x81811998, 0x4f4f9ed1, 0xdcdca37f
+	.long		0x22224466, 0x2a2a547e, 0x90903bab, 0x88880b83
+	.long		0x46468cca, 0xeeeec729, 0xb8b86bd3, 0x1414283c
+	.long		0xdedea779, 0x5e5ebce2, 0x0b0b161d, 0xdbdbad76
+	.long		0xe0e0db3b, 0x32326456, 0x3a3a744e, 0x0a0a141e
+	.long		0x494992db, 0x06060c0a, 0x2424486c, 0x5c5cb8e4
+	.long		0xc2c29f5d, 0xd3d3bd6e, 0xacac43ef, 0x6262c4a6
+	.long		0x919139a8, 0x959531a4, 0xe4e4d337, 0x7979f28b
+	.long		0xe7e7d532, 0xc8c88b43, 0x37376e59, 0x6d6ddab7
+	.long		0x8d8d018c, 0xd5d5b164, 0x4e4e9cd2, 0xa9a949e0
+	.long		0x6c6cd8b4, 0x5656acfa, 0xf4f4f307, 0xeaeacf25
+	.long		0x6565caaf, 0x7a7af48e, 0xaeae47e9, 0x08081018
+	.long		0xbaba6fd5, 0x7878f088, 0x25254a6f, 0x2e2e5c72
+	.long		0x1c1c3824, 0xa6a657f1, 0xb4b473c7, 0xc6c69751
+	.long		0xe8e8cb23, 0xdddda17c, 0x7474e89c, 0x1f1f3e21
+	.long		0x4b4b96dd, 0xbdbd61dc, 0x8b8b0d86, 0x8a8a0f85
+	.long		0x7070e090, 0x3e3e7c42, 0xb5b571c4, 0x6666ccaa
+	.long		0x484890d8, 0x03030605, 0xf6f6f701, 0x0e0e1c12
+	.long		0x6161c2a3, 0x35356a5f, 0x5757aef9, 0xb9b969d0
+	.long		0x86861791, 0xc1c19958, 0x1d1d3a27, 0x9e9e27b9
+	.long		0xe1e1d938, 0xf8f8eb13, 0x98982bb3, 0x11112233
+	.long		0x6969d2bb, 0xd9d9a970, 0x8e8e0789, 0x949433a7
+	.long		0x9b9b2db6, 0x1e1e3c22, 0x87871592, 0xe9e9c920
+	.long		0xcece8749, 0x5555aaff, 0x28285078, 0xdfdfa57a
+	.long		0x8c8c038f, 0xa1a159f8, 0x89890980, 0x0d0d1a17
+	.long		0xbfbf65da, 0xe6e6d731, 0x424284c6, 0x6868d0b8
+	.long		0x414182c3, 0x999929b0, 0x2d2d5a77, 0x0f0f1e11
+	.long		0xb0b07bcb, 0x5454a8fc, 0xbbbb6dd6, 0x16162c3a
+	.long		0x63c6a563, 0x7cf8847c, 0x77ee9977, 0x7bf68d7b
+	.long		0xf2ff0df2, 0x6bd6bd6b, 0x6fdeb16f, 0xc59154c5
+	.long		0x30605030, 0x01020301, 0x67cea967, 0x2b567d2b
+	.long		0xfee719fe, 0xd7b562d7, 0xab4de6ab, 0x76ec9a76
+	.long		0xca8f45ca, 0x821f9d82, 0xc98940c9, 0x7dfa877d
+	.long		0xfaef15fa, 0x59b2eb59, 0x478ec947, 0xf0fb0bf0
+	.long		0xad41ecad, 0xd4b367d4, 0xa25ffda2, 0xaf45eaaf
+	.long		0x9c23bf9c, 0xa453f7a4, 0x72e49672, 0xc09b5bc0
+	.long		0xb775c2b7, 0xfde11cfd, 0x933dae93, 0x264c6a26
+	.long		0x366c5a36, 0x3f7e413f, 0xf7f502f7, 0xcc834fcc
+	.long		0x34685c34, 0xa551f4a5, 0xe5d134e5, 0xf1f908f1
+	.long		0x71e29371, 0xd8ab73d8, 0x31625331, 0x152a3f15
+	.long		0x04080c04, 0xc79552c7, 0x23466523, 0xc39d5ec3
+	.long		0x18302818, 0x9637a196, 0x050a0f05, 0x9a2fb59a
+	.long		0x070e0907, 0x12243612, 0x801b9b80, 0xe2df3de2
+	.long		0xebcd26eb, 0x274e6927, 0xb27fcdb2, 0x75ea9f75
+	.long		0x09121b09, 0x831d9e83, 0x2c58742c, 0x1a342e1a
+	.long		0x1b362d1b, 0x6edcb26e, 0x5ab4ee5a, 0xa05bfba0
+	.long		0x52a4f652, 0x3b764d3b, 0xd6b761d6, 0xb37dceb3
+	.long		0x29527b29, 0xe3dd3ee3, 0x2f5e712f, 0x84139784
+	.long		0x53a6f553, 0xd1b968d1, 0x00000000, 0xedc12ced
+	.long		0x20406020, 0xfce31ffc, 0xb179c8b1, 0x5bb6ed5b
+	.long		0x6ad4be6a, 0xcb8d46cb, 0xbe67d9be, 0x39724b39
+	.long		0x4a94de4a, 0x4c98d44c, 0x58b0e858, 0xcf854acf
+	.long		0xd0bb6bd0, 0xefc52aef, 0xaa4fe5aa, 0xfbed16fb
+	.long		0x4386c543, 0x4d9ad74d, 0x33665533, 0x85119485
+	.long		0x458acf45, 0xf9e910f9, 0x02040602, 0x7ffe817f
+	.long		0x50a0f050, 0x3c78443c, 0x9f25ba9f, 0xa84be3a8
+	.long		0x51a2f351, 0xa35dfea3, 0x4080c040, 0x8f058a8f
+	.long		0x923fad92, 0x9d21bc9d, 0x38704838, 0xf5f104f5
+	.long		0xbc63dfbc, 0xb677c1b6, 0xdaaf75da, 0x21426321
+	.long		0x10203010, 0xffe51aff, 0xf3fd0ef3, 0xd2bf6dd2
+	.long		0xcd814ccd, 0x0c18140c, 0x13263513, 0xecc32fec
+	.long		0x5fbee15f, 0x9735a297, 0x4488cc44, 0x172e3917
+	.long		0xc49357c4, 0xa755f2a7, 0x7efc827e, 0x3d7a473d
+	.long		0x64c8ac64, 0x5dbae75d, 0x19322b19, 0x73e69573
+	.long		0x60c0a060, 0x81199881, 0x4f9ed14f, 0xdca37fdc
+	.long		0x22446622, 0x2a547e2a, 0x903bab90, 0x880b8388
+	.long		0x468cca46, 0xeec729ee, 0xb86bd3b8, 0x14283c14
+	.long		0xdea779de, 0x5ebce25e, 0x0b161d0b, 0xdbad76db
+	.long		0xe0db3be0, 0x32645632, 0x3a744e3a, 0x0a141e0a
+	.long		0x4992db49, 0x060c0a06, 0x24486c24, 0x5cb8e45c
+	.long		0xc29f5dc2, 0xd3bd6ed3, 0xac43efac, 0x62c4a662
+	.long		0x9139a891, 0x9531a495, 0xe4d337e4, 0x79f28b79
+	.long		0xe7d532e7, 0xc88b43c8, 0x376e5937, 0x6ddab76d
+	.long		0x8d018c8d, 0xd5b164d5, 0x4e9cd24e, 0xa949e0a9
+	.long		0x6cd8b46c, 0x56acfa56, 0xf4f307f4, 0xeacf25ea
+	.long		0x65caaf65, 0x7af48e7a, 0xae47e9ae, 0x08101808
+	.long		0xba6fd5ba, 0x78f08878, 0x254a6f25, 0x2e5c722e
+	.long		0x1c38241c, 0xa657f1a6, 0xb473c7b4, 0xc69751c6
+	.long		0xe8cb23e8, 0xdda17cdd, 0x74e89c74, 0x1f3e211f
+	.long		0x4b96dd4b, 0xbd61dcbd, 0x8b0d868b, 0x8a0f858a
+	.long		0x70e09070, 0x3e7c423e, 0xb571c4b5, 0x66ccaa66
+	.long		0x4890d848, 0x03060503, 0xf6f701f6, 0x0e1c120e
+	.long		0x61c2a361, 0x356a5f35, 0x57aef957, 0xb969d0b9
+	.long		0x86179186, 0xc19958c1, 0x1d3a271d, 0x9e27b99e
+	.long		0xe1d938e1, 0xf8eb13f8, 0x982bb398, 0x11223311
+	.long		0x69d2bb69, 0xd9a970d9, 0x8e07898e, 0x9433a794
+	.long		0x9b2db69b, 0x1e3c221e, 0x87159287, 0xe9c920e9
+	.long		0xce8749ce, 0x55aaff55, 0x28507828, 0xdfa57adf
+	.long		0x8c038f8c, 0xa159f8a1, 0x89098089, 0x0d1a170d
+	.long		0xbf65dabf, 0xe6d731e6, 0x4284c642, 0x68d0b868
+	.long		0x4182c341, 0x9929b099, 0x2d5a772d, 0x0f1e110f
+	.long		0xb07bcbb0, 0x54a8fc54, 0xbb6dd6bb, 0x162c3a16
+	.long		0xc6a56363, 0xf8847c7c, 0xee997777, 0xf68d7b7b
+	.long		0xff0df2f2, 0xd6bd6b6b, 0xdeb16f6f, 0x9154c5c5
+	.long		0x60503030, 0x02030101, 0xcea96767, 0x567d2b2b
+	.long		0xe719fefe, 0xb562d7d7, 0x4de6abab, 0xec9a7676
+	.long		0x8f45caca, 0x1f9d8282, 0x8940c9c9, 0xfa877d7d
+	.long		0xef15fafa, 0xb2eb5959, 0x8ec94747, 0xfb0bf0f0
+	.long		0x41ecadad, 0xb367d4d4, 0x5ffda2a2, 0x45eaafaf
+	.long		0x23bf9c9c, 0x53f7a4a4, 0xe4967272, 0x9b5bc0c0
+	.long		0x75c2b7b7, 0xe11cfdfd, 0x3dae9393, 0x4c6a2626
+	.long		0x6c5a3636, 0x7e413f3f, 0xf502f7f7, 0x834fcccc
+	.long		0x685c3434, 0x51f4a5a5, 0xd134e5e5, 0xf908f1f1
+	.long		0xe2937171, 0xab73d8d8, 0x62533131, 0x2a3f1515
+	.long		0x080c0404, 0x9552c7c7, 0x46652323, 0x9d5ec3c3
+	.long		0x30281818, 0x37a19696, 0x0a0f0505, 0x2fb59a9a
+	.long		0x0e090707, 0x24361212, 0x1b9b8080, 0xdf3de2e2
+	.long		0xcd26ebeb, 0x4e692727, 0x7fcdb2b2, 0xea9f7575
+	.long		0x121b0909, 0x1d9e8383, 0x58742c2c, 0x342e1a1a
+	.long		0x362d1b1b, 0xdcb26e6e, 0xb4ee5a5a, 0x5bfba0a0
+	.long		0xa4f65252, 0x764d3b3b, 0xb761d6d6, 0x7dceb3b3
+	.long		0x527b2929, 0xdd3ee3e3, 0x5e712f2f, 0x13978484
+	.long		0xa6f55353, 0xb968d1d1, 0x00000000, 0xc12ceded
+	.long		0x40602020, 0xe31ffcfc, 0x79c8b1b1, 0xb6ed5b5b
+	.long		0xd4be6a6a, 0x8d46cbcb, 0x67d9bebe, 0x724b3939
+	.long		0x94de4a4a, 0x98d44c4c, 0xb0e85858, 0x854acfcf
+	.long		0xbb6bd0d0, 0xc52aefef, 0x4fe5aaaa, 0xed16fbfb
+	.long		0x86c54343, 0x9ad74d4d, 0x66553333, 0x11948585
+	.long		0x8acf4545, 0xe910f9f9, 0x04060202, 0xfe817f7f
+	.long		0xa0f05050, 0x78443c3c, 0x25ba9f9f, 0x4be3a8a8
+	.long		0xa2f35151, 0x5dfea3a3, 0x80c04040, 0x058a8f8f
+	.long		0x3fad9292, 0x21bc9d9d, 0x70483838, 0xf104f5f5
+	.long		0x63dfbcbc, 0x77c1b6b6, 0xaf75dada, 0x42632121
+	.long		0x20301010, 0xe51affff, 0xfd0ef3f3, 0xbf6dd2d2
+	.long		0x814ccdcd, 0x18140c0c, 0x26351313, 0xc32fecec
+	.long		0xbee15f5f, 0x35a29797, 0x88cc4444, 0x2e391717
+	.long		0x9357c4c4, 0x55f2a7a7, 0xfc827e7e, 0x7a473d3d
+	.long		0xc8ac6464, 0xbae75d5d, 0x322b1919, 0xe6957373
+	.long		0xc0a06060, 0x19988181, 0x9ed14f4f, 0xa37fdcdc
+	.long		0x44662222, 0x547e2a2a, 0x3bab9090, 0x0b838888
+	.long		0x8cca4646, 0xc729eeee, 0x6bd3b8b8, 0x283c1414
+	.long		0xa779dede, 0xbce25e5e, 0x161d0b0b, 0xad76dbdb
+	.long		0xdb3be0e0, 0x64563232, 0x744e3a3a, 0x141e0a0a
+	.long		0x92db4949, 0x0c0a0606, 0x486c2424, 0xb8e45c5c
+	.long		0x9f5dc2c2, 0xbd6ed3d3, 0x43efacac, 0xc4a66262
+	.long		0x39a89191, 0x31a49595, 0xd337e4e4, 0xf28b7979
+	.long		0xd532e7e7, 0x8b43c8c8, 0x6e593737, 0xdab76d6d
+	.long		0x018c8d8d, 0xb164d5d5, 0x9cd24e4e, 0x49e0a9a9
+	.long		0xd8b46c6c, 0xacfa5656, 0xf307f4f4, 0xcf25eaea
+	.long		0xcaaf6565, 0xf48e7a7a, 0x47e9aeae, 0x10180808
+	.long		0x6fd5baba, 0xf0887878, 0x4a6f2525, 0x5c722e2e
+	.long		0x38241c1c, 0x57f1a6a6, 0x73c7b4b4, 0x9751c6c6
+	.long		0xcb23e8e8, 0xa17cdddd, 0xe89c7474, 0x3e211f1f
+	.long		0x96dd4b4b, 0x61dcbdbd, 0x0d868b8b, 0x0f858a8a
+	.long		0xe0907070, 0x7c423e3e, 0x71c4b5b5, 0xccaa6666
+	.long		0x90d84848, 0x06050303, 0xf701f6f6, 0x1c120e0e
+	.long		0xc2a36161, 0x6a5f3535, 0xaef95757, 0x69d0b9b9
+	.long		0x17918686, 0x9958c1c1, 0x3a271d1d, 0x27b99e9e
+	.long		0xd938e1e1, 0xeb13f8f8, 0x2bb39898, 0x22331111
+	.long		0xd2bb6969, 0xa970d9d9, 0x07898e8e, 0x33a79494
+	.long		0x2db69b9b, 0x3c221e1e, 0x15928787, 0xc920e9e9
+	.long		0x8749cece, 0xaaff5555, 0x50782828, 0xa57adfdf
+	.long		0x038f8c8c, 0x59f8a1a1, 0x09808989, 0x1a170d0d
+	.long		0x65dabfbf, 0xd731e6e6, 0x84c64242, 0xd0b86868
+	.long		0x82c34141, 0x29b09999, 0x5a772d2d, 0x1e110f0f
+	.long		0x7bcbb0b0, 0xa8fc5454, 0x6dd6bbbb, 0x2c3a1616
+	.endif
+	.endm
+	.macro		__crypto_fl_tab, full=1
+	.long		0x00000063, 0x0000007c, 0x00000077, 0x0000007b
+	.long		0x000000f2, 0x0000006b, 0x0000006f, 0x000000c5
+	.long		0x00000030, 0x00000001, 0x00000067, 0x0000002b
+	.long		0x000000fe, 0x000000d7, 0x000000ab, 0x00000076
+	.long		0x000000ca, 0x00000082, 0x000000c9, 0x0000007d
+	.long		0x000000fa, 0x00000059, 0x00000047, 0x000000f0
+	.long		0x000000ad, 0x000000d4, 0x000000a2, 0x000000af
+	.long		0x0000009c, 0x000000a4, 0x00000072, 0x000000c0
+	.long		0x000000b7, 0x000000fd, 0x00000093, 0x00000026
+	.long		0x00000036, 0x0000003f, 0x000000f7, 0x000000cc
+	.long		0x00000034, 0x000000a5, 0x000000e5, 0x000000f1
+	.long		0x00000071, 0x000000d8, 0x00000031, 0x00000015
+	.long		0x00000004, 0x000000c7, 0x00000023, 0x000000c3
+	.long		0x00000018, 0x00000096, 0x00000005, 0x0000009a
+	.long		0x00000007, 0x00000012, 0x00000080, 0x000000e2
+	.long		0x000000eb, 0x00000027, 0x000000b2, 0x00000075
+	.long		0x00000009, 0x00000083, 0x0000002c, 0x0000001a
+	.long		0x0000001b, 0x0000006e, 0x0000005a, 0x000000a0
+	.long		0x00000052, 0x0000003b, 0x000000d6, 0x000000b3
+	.long		0x00000029, 0x000000e3, 0x0000002f, 0x00000084
+	.long		0x00000053, 0x000000d1, 0x00000000, 0x000000ed
+	.long		0x00000020, 0x000000fc, 0x000000b1, 0x0000005b
+	.long		0x0000006a, 0x000000cb, 0x000000be, 0x00000039
+	.long		0x0000004a, 0x0000004c, 0x00000058, 0x000000cf
+	.long		0x000000d0, 0x000000ef, 0x000000aa, 0x000000fb
+	.long		0x00000043, 0x0000004d, 0x00000033, 0x00000085
+	.long		0x00000045, 0x000000f9, 0x00000002, 0x0000007f
+	.long		0x00000050, 0x0000003c, 0x0000009f, 0x000000a8
+	.long		0x00000051, 0x000000a3, 0x00000040, 0x0000008f
+	.long		0x00000092, 0x0000009d, 0x00000038, 0x000000f5
+	.long		0x000000bc, 0x000000b6, 0x000000da, 0x00000021
+	.long		0x00000010, 0x000000ff, 0x000000f3, 0x000000d2
+	.long		0x000000cd, 0x0000000c, 0x00000013, 0x000000ec
+	.long		0x0000005f, 0x00000097, 0x00000044, 0x00000017
+	.long		0x000000c4, 0x000000a7, 0x0000007e, 0x0000003d
+	.long		0x00000064, 0x0000005d, 0x00000019, 0x00000073
+	.long		0x00000060, 0x00000081, 0x0000004f, 0x000000dc
+	.long		0x00000022, 0x0000002a, 0x00000090, 0x00000088
+	.long		0x00000046, 0x000000ee, 0x000000b8, 0x00000014
+	.long		0x000000de, 0x0000005e, 0x0000000b, 0x000000db
+	.long		0x000000e0, 0x00000032, 0x0000003a, 0x0000000a
+	.long		0x00000049, 0x00000006, 0x00000024, 0x0000005c
+	.long		0x000000c2, 0x000000d3, 0x000000ac, 0x00000062
+	.long		0x00000091, 0x00000095, 0x000000e4, 0x00000079
+	.long		0x000000e7, 0x000000c8, 0x00000037, 0x0000006d
+	.long		0x0000008d, 0x000000d5, 0x0000004e, 0x000000a9
+	.long		0x0000006c, 0x00000056, 0x000000f4, 0x000000ea
+	.long		0x00000065, 0x0000007a, 0x000000ae, 0x00000008
+	.long		0x000000ba, 0x00000078, 0x00000025, 0x0000002e
+	.long		0x0000001c, 0x000000a6, 0x000000b4, 0x000000c6
+	.long		0x000000e8, 0x000000dd, 0x00000074, 0x0000001f
+	.long		0x0000004b, 0x000000bd, 0x0000008b, 0x0000008a
+	.long		0x00000070, 0x0000003e, 0x000000b5, 0x00000066
+	.long		0x00000048, 0x00000003, 0x000000f6, 0x0000000e
+	.long		0x00000061, 0x00000035, 0x00000057, 0x000000b9
+	.long		0x00000086, 0x000000c1, 0x0000001d, 0x0000009e
+	.long		0x000000e1, 0x000000f8, 0x00000098, 0x00000011
+	.long		0x00000069, 0x000000d9, 0x0000008e, 0x00000094
+	.long		0x0000009b, 0x0000001e, 0x00000087, 0x000000e9
+	.long		0x000000ce, 0x00000055, 0x00000028, 0x000000df
+	.long		0x0000008c, 0x000000a1, 0x00000089, 0x0000000d
+	.long		0x000000bf, 0x000000e6, 0x00000042, 0x00000068
+	.long		0x00000041, 0x00000099, 0x0000002d, 0x0000000f
+	.long		0x000000b0, 0x00000054, 0x000000bb, 0x00000016
+	.if		\full == 1
+	.long		0x00006300, 0x00007c00, 0x00007700, 0x00007b00
+	.long		0x0000f200, 0x00006b00, 0x00006f00, 0x0000c500
+	.long		0x00003000, 0x00000100, 0x00006700, 0x00002b00
+	.long		0x0000fe00, 0x0000d700, 0x0000ab00, 0x00007600
+	.long		0x0000ca00, 0x00008200, 0x0000c900, 0x00007d00
+	.long		0x0000fa00, 0x00005900, 0x00004700, 0x0000f000
+	.long		0x0000ad00, 0x0000d400, 0x0000a200, 0x0000af00
+	.long		0x00009c00, 0x0000a400, 0x00007200, 0x0000c000
+	.long		0x0000b700, 0x0000fd00, 0x00009300, 0x00002600
+	.long		0x00003600, 0x00003f00, 0x0000f700, 0x0000cc00
+	.long		0x00003400, 0x0000a500, 0x0000e500, 0x0000f100
+	.long		0x00007100, 0x0000d800, 0x00003100, 0x00001500
+	.long		0x00000400, 0x0000c700, 0x00002300, 0x0000c300
+	.long		0x00001800, 0x00009600, 0x00000500, 0x00009a00
+	.long		0x00000700, 0x00001200, 0x00008000, 0x0000e200
+	.long		0x0000eb00, 0x00002700, 0x0000b200, 0x00007500
+	.long		0x00000900, 0x00008300, 0x00002c00, 0x00001a00
+	.long		0x00001b00, 0x00006e00, 0x00005a00, 0x0000a000
+	.long		0x00005200, 0x00003b00, 0x0000d600, 0x0000b300
+	.long		0x00002900, 0x0000e300, 0x00002f00, 0x00008400
+	.long		0x00005300, 0x0000d100, 0x00000000, 0x0000ed00
+	.long		0x00002000, 0x0000fc00, 0x0000b100, 0x00005b00
+	.long		0x00006a00, 0x0000cb00, 0x0000be00, 0x00003900
+	.long		0x00004a00, 0x00004c00, 0x00005800, 0x0000cf00
+	.long		0x0000d000, 0x0000ef00, 0x0000aa00, 0x0000fb00
+	.long		0x00004300, 0x00004d00, 0x00003300, 0x00008500
+	.long		0x00004500, 0x0000f900, 0x00000200, 0x00007f00
+	.long		0x00005000, 0x00003c00, 0x00009f00, 0x0000a800
+	.long		0x00005100, 0x0000a300, 0x00004000, 0x00008f00
+	.long		0x00009200, 0x00009d00, 0x00003800, 0x0000f500
+	.long		0x0000bc00, 0x0000b600, 0x0000da00, 0x00002100
+	.long		0x00001000, 0x0000ff00, 0x0000f300, 0x0000d200
+	.long		0x0000cd00, 0x00000c00, 0x00001300, 0x0000ec00
+	.long		0x00005f00, 0x00009700, 0x00004400, 0x00001700
+	.long		0x0000c400, 0x0000a700, 0x00007e00, 0x00003d00
+	.long		0x00006400, 0x00005d00, 0x00001900, 0x00007300
+	.long		0x00006000, 0x00008100, 0x00004f00, 0x0000dc00
+	.long		0x00002200, 0x00002a00, 0x00009000, 0x00008800
+	.long		0x00004600, 0x0000ee00, 0x0000b800, 0x00001400
+	.long		0x0000de00, 0x00005e00, 0x00000b00, 0x0000db00
+	.long		0x0000e000, 0x00003200, 0x00003a00, 0x00000a00
+	.long		0x00004900, 0x00000600, 0x00002400, 0x00005c00
+	.long		0x0000c200, 0x0000d300, 0x0000ac00, 0x00006200
+	.long		0x00009100, 0x00009500, 0x0000e400, 0x00007900
+	.long		0x0000e700, 0x0000c800, 0x00003700, 0x00006d00
+	.long		0x00008d00, 0x0000d500, 0x00004e00, 0x0000a900
+	.long		0x00006c00, 0x00005600, 0x0000f400, 0x0000ea00
+	.long		0x00006500, 0x00007a00, 0x0000ae00, 0x00000800
+	.long		0x0000ba00, 0x00007800, 0x00002500, 0x00002e00
+	.long		0x00001c00, 0x0000a600, 0x0000b400, 0x0000c600
+	.long		0x0000e800, 0x0000dd00, 0x00007400, 0x00001f00
+	.long		0x00004b00, 0x0000bd00, 0x00008b00, 0x00008a00
+	.long		0x00007000, 0x00003e00, 0x0000b500, 0x00006600
+	.long		0x00004800, 0x00000300, 0x0000f600, 0x00000e00
+	.long		0x00006100, 0x00003500, 0x00005700, 0x0000b900
+	.long		0x00008600, 0x0000c100, 0x00001d00, 0x00009e00
+	.long		0x0000e100, 0x0000f800, 0x00009800, 0x00001100
+	.long		0x00006900, 0x0000d900, 0x00008e00, 0x00009400
+	.long		0x00009b00, 0x00001e00, 0x00008700, 0x0000e900
+	.long		0x0000ce00, 0x00005500, 0x00002800, 0x0000df00
+	.long		0x00008c00, 0x0000a100, 0x00008900, 0x00000d00
+	.long		0x0000bf00, 0x0000e600, 0x00004200, 0x00006800
+	.long		0x00004100, 0x00009900, 0x00002d00, 0x00000f00
+	.long		0x0000b000, 0x00005400, 0x0000bb00, 0x00001600
+	.long		0x00630000, 0x007c0000, 0x00770000, 0x007b0000
+	.long		0x00f20000, 0x006b0000, 0x006f0000, 0x00c50000
+	.long		0x00300000, 0x00010000, 0x00670000, 0x002b0000
+	.long		0x00fe0000, 0x00d70000, 0x00ab0000, 0x00760000
+	.long		0x00ca0000, 0x00820000, 0x00c90000, 0x007d0000
+	.long		0x00fa0000, 0x00590000, 0x00470000, 0x00f00000
+	.long		0x00ad0000, 0x00d40000, 0x00a20000, 0x00af0000
+	.long		0x009c0000, 0x00a40000, 0x00720000, 0x00c00000
+	.long		0x00b70000, 0x00fd0000, 0x00930000, 0x00260000
+	.long		0x00360000, 0x003f0000, 0x00f70000, 0x00cc0000
+	.long		0x00340000, 0x00a50000, 0x00e50000, 0x00f10000
+	.long		0x00710000, 0x00d80000, 0x00310000, 0x00150000
+	.long		0x00040000, 0x00c70000, 0x00230000, 0x00c30000
+	.long		0x00180000, 0x00960000, 0x00050000, 0x009a0000
+	.long		0x00070000, 0x00120000, 0x00800000, 0x00e20000
+	.long		0x00eb0000, 0x00270000, 0x00b20000, 0x00750000
+	.long		0x00090000, 0x00830000, 0x002c0000, 0x001a0000
+	.long		0x001b0000, 0x006e0000, 0x005a0000, 0x00a00000
+	.long		0x00520000, 0x003b0000, 0x00d60000, 0x00b30000
+	.long		0x00290000, 0x00e30000, 0x002f0000, 0x00840000
+	.long		0x00530000, 0x00d10000, 0x00000000, 0x00ed0000
+	.long		0x00200000, 0x00fc0000, 0x00b10000, 0x005b0000
+	.long		0x006a0000, 0x00cb0000, 0x00be0000, 0x00390000
+	.long		0x004a0000, 0x004c0000, 0x00580000, 0x00cf0000
+	.long		0x00d00000, 0x00ef0000, 0x00aa0000, 0x00fb0000
+	.long		0x00430000, 0x004d0000, 0x00330000, 0x00850000
+	.long		0x00450000, 0x00f90000, 0x00020000, 0x007f0000
+	.long		0x00500000, 0x003c0000, 0x009f0000, 0x00a80000
+	.long		0x00510000, 0x00a30000, 0x00400000, 0x008f0000
+	.long		0x00920000, 0x009d0000, 0x00380000, 0x00f50000
+	.long		0x00bc0000, 0x00b60000, 0x00da0000, 0x00210000
+	.long		0x00100000, 0x00ff0000, 0x00f30000, 0x00d20000
+	.long		0x00cd0000, 0x000c0000, 0x00130000, 0x00ec0000
+	.long		0x005f0000, 0x00970000, 0x00440000, 0x00170000
+	.long		0x00c40000, 0x00a70000, 0x007e0000, 0x003d0000
+	.long		0x00640000, 0x005d0000, 0x00190000, 0x00730000
+	.long		0x00600000, 0x00810000, 0x004f0000, 0x00dc0000
+	.long		0x00220000, 0x002a0000, 0x00900000, 0x00880000
+	.long		0x00460000, 0x00ee0000, 0x00b80000, 0x00140000
+	.long		0x00de0000, 0x005e0000, 0x000b0000, 0x00db0000
+	.long		0x00e00000, 0x00320000, 0x003a0000, 0x000a0000
+	.long		0x00490000, 0x00060000, 0x00240000, 0x005c0000
+	.long		0x00c20000, 0x00d30000, 0x00ac0000, 0x00620000
+	.long		0x00910000, 0x00950000, 0x00e40000, 0x00790000
+	.long		0x00e70000, 0x00c80000, 0x00370000, 0x006d0000
+	.long		0x008d0000, 0x00d50000, 0x004e0000, 0x00a90000
+	.long		0x006c0000, 0x00560000, 0x00f40000, 0x00ea0000
+	.long		0x00650000, 0x007a0000, 0x00ae0000, 0x00080000
+	.long		0x00ba0000, 0x00780000, 0x00250000, 0x002e0000
+	.long		0x001c0000, 0x00a60000, 0x00b40000, 0x00c60000
+	.long		0x00e80000, 0x00dd0000, 0x00740000, 0x001f0000
+	.long		0x004b0000, 0x00bd0000, 0x008b0000, 0x008a0000
+	.long		0x00700000, 0x003e0000, 0x00b50000, 0x00660000
+	.long		0x00480000, 0x00030000, 0x00f60000, 0x000e0000
+	.long		0x00610000, 0x00350000, 0x00570000, 0x00b90000
+	.long		0x00860000, 0x00c10000, 0x001d0000, 0x009e0000
+	.long		0x00e10000, 0x00f80000, 0x00980000, 0x00110000
+	.long		0x00690000, 0x00d90000, 0x008e0000, 0x00940000
+	.long		0x009b0000, 0x001e0000, 0x00870000, 0x00e90000
+	.long		0x00ce0000, 0x00550000, 0x00280000, 0x00df0000
+	.long		0x008c0000, 0x00a10000, 0x00890000, 0x000d0000
+	.long		0x00bf0000, 0x00e60000, 0x00420000, 0x00680000
+	.long		0x00410000, 0x00990000, 0x002d0000, 0x000f0000
+	.long		0x00b00000, 0x00540000, 0x00bb0000, 0x00160000
+	.long		0x63000000, 0x7c000000, 0x77000000, 0x7b000000
+	.long		0xf2000000, 0x6b000000, 0x6f000000, 0xc5000000
+	.long		0x30000000, 0x01000000, 0x67000000, 0x2b000000
+	.long		0xfe000000, 0xd7000000, 0xab000000, 0x76000000
+	.long		0xca000000, 0x82000000, 0xc9000000, 0x7d000000
+	.long		0xfa000000, 0x59000000, 0x47000000, 0xf0000000
+	.long		0xad000000, 0xd4000000, 0xa2000000, 0xaf000000
+	.long		0x9c000000, 0xa4000000, 0x72000000, 0xc0000000
+	.long		0xb7000000, 0xfd000000, 0x93000000, 0x26000000
+	.long		0x36000000, 0x3f000000, 0xf7000000, 0xcc000000
+	.long		0x34000000, 0xa5000000, 0xe5000000, 0xf1000000
+	.long		0x71000000, 0xd8000000, 0x31000000, 0x15000000
+	.long		0x04000000, 0xc7000000, 0x23000000, 0xc3000000
+	.long		0x18000000, 0x96000000, 0x05000000, 0x9a000000
+	.long		0x07000000, 0x12000000, 0x80000000, 0xe2000000
+	.long		0xeb000000, 0x27000000, 0xb2000000, 0x75000000
+	.long		0x09000000, 0x83000000, 0x2c000000, 0x1a000000
+	.long		0x1b000000, 0x6e000000, 0x5a000000, 0xa0000000
+	.long		0x52000000, 0x3b000000, 0xd6000000, 0xb3000000
+	.long		0x29000000, 0xe3000000, 0x2f000000, 0x84000000
+	.long		0x53000000, 0xd1000000, 0x00000000, 0xed000000
+	.long		0x20000000, 0xfc000000, 0xb1000000, 0x5b000000
+	.long		0x6a000000, 0xcb000000, 0xbe000000, 0x39000000
+	.long		0x4a000000, 0x4c000000, 0x58000000, 0xcf000000
+	.long		0xd0000000, 0xef000000, 0xaa000000, 0xfb000000
+	.long		0x43000000, 0x4d000000, 0x33000000, 0x85000000
+	.long		0x45000000, 0xf9000000, 0x02000000, 0x7f000000
+	.long		0x50000000, 0x3c000000, 0x9f000000, 0xa8000000
+	.long		0x51000000, 0xa3000000, 0x40000000, 0x8f000000
+	.long		0x92000000, 0x9d000000, 0x38000000, 0xf5000000
+	.long		0xbc000000, 0xb6000000, 0xda000000, 0x21000000
+	.long		0x10000000, 0xff000000, 0xf3000000, 0xd2000000
+	.long		0xcd000000, 0x0c000000, 0x13000000, 0xec000000
+	.long		0x5f000000, 0x97000000, 0x44000000, 0x17000000
+	.long		0xc4000000, 0xa7000000, 0x7e000000, 0x3d000000
+	.long		0x64000000, 0x5d000000, 0x19000000, 0x73000000
+	.long		0x60000000, 0x81000000, 0x4f000000, 0xdc000000
+	.long		0x22000000, 0x2a000000, 0x90000000, 0x88000000
+	.long		0x46000000, 0xee000000, 0xb8000000, 0x14000000
+	.long		0xde000000, 0x5e000000, 0x0b000000, 0xdb000000
+	.long		0xe0000000, 0x32000000, 0x3a000000, 0x0a000000
+	.long		0x49000000, 0x06000000, 0x24000000, 0x5c000000
+	.long		0xc2000000, 0xd3000000, 0xac000000, 0x62000000
+	.long		0x91000000, 0x95000000, 0xe4000000, 0x79000000
+	.long		0xe7000000, 0xc8000000, 0x37000000, 0x6d000000
+	.long		0x8d000000, 0xd5000000, 0x4e000000, 0xa9000000
+	.long		0x6c000000, 0x56000000, 0xf4000000, 0xea000000
+	.long		0x65000000, 0x7a000000, 0xae000000, 0x08000000
+	.long		0xba000000, 0x78000000, 0x25000000, 0x2e000000
+	.long		0x1c000000, 0xa6000000, 0xb4000000, 0xc6000000
+	.long		0xe8000000, 0xdd000000, 0x74000000, 0x1f000000
+	.long		0x4b000000, 0xbd000000, 0x8b000000, 0x8a000000
+	.long		0x70000000, 0x3e000000, 0xb5000000, 0x66000000
+	.long		0x48000000, 0x03000000, 0xf6000000, 0x0e000000
+	.long		0x61000000, 0x35000000, 0x57000000, 0xb9000000
+	.long		0x86000000, 0xc1000000, 0x1d000000, 0x9e000000
+	.long		0xe1000000, 0xf8000000, 0x98000000, 0x11000000
+	.long		0x69000000, 0xd9000000, 0x8e000000, 0x94000000
+	.long		0x9b000000, 0x1e000000, 0x87000000, 0xe9000000
+	.long		0xce000000, 0x55000000, 0x28000000, 0xdf000000
+	.long		0x8c000000, 0xa1000000, 0x89000000, 0x0d000000
+	.long		0xbf000000, 0xe6000000, 0x42000000, 0x68000000
+	.long		0x41000000, 0x99000000, 0x2d000000, 0x0f000000
+	.long		0xb0000000, 0x54000000, 0xbb000000, 0x16000000
+	.endif
+	.endm
+	.macro		__crypto_it_tab, full=1
+	.long		0x50a7f451, 0x5365417e, 0xc3a4171a, 0x965e273a
+	.long		0xcb6bab3b, 0xf1459d1f, 0xab58faac, 0x9303e34b
+	.long		0x55fa3020, 0xf66d76ad, 0x9176cc88, 0x254c02f5
+	.long		0xfcd7e54f, 0xd7cb2ac5, 0x80443526, 0x8fa362b5
+	.long		0x495ab1de, 0x671bba25, 0x980eea45, 0xe1c0fe5d
+	.long		0x02752fc3, 0x12f04c81, 0xa397468d, 0xc6f9d36b
+	.long		0xe75f8f03, 0x959c9215, 0xeb7a6dbf, 0xda595295
+	.long		0x2d83bed4, 0xd3217458, 0x2969e049, 0x44c8c98e
+	.long		0x6a89c275, 0x78798ef4, 0x6b3e5899, 0xdd71b927
+	.long		0xb64fe1be, 0x17ad88f0, 0x66ac20c9, 0xb43ace7d
+	.long		0x184adf63, 0x82311ae5, 0x60335197, 0x457f5362
+	.long		0xe07764b1, 0x84ae6bbb, 0x1ca081fe, 0x942b08f9
+	.long		0x58684870, 0x19fd458f, 0x876cde94, 0xb7f87b52
+	.long		0x23d373ab, 0xe2024b72, 0x578f1fe3, 0x2aab5566
+	.long		0x0728ebb2, 0x03c2b52f, 0x9a7bc586, 0xa50837d3
+	.long		0xf2872830, 0xb2a5bf23, 0xba6a0302, 0x5c8216ed
+	.long		0x2b1ccf8a, 0x92b479a7, 0xf0f207f3, 0xa1e2694e
+	.long		0xcdf4da65, 0xd5be0506, 0x1f6234d1, 0x8afea6c4
+	.long		0x9d532e34, 0xa055f3a2, 0x32e18a05, 0x75ebf6a4
+	.long		0x39ec830b, 0xaaef6040, 0x069f715e, 0x51106ebd
+	.long		0xf98a213e, 0x3d06dd96, 0xae053edd, 0x46bde64d
+	.long		0xb58d5491, 0x055dc471, 0x6fd40604, 0xff155060
+	.long		0x24fb9819, 0x97e9bdd6, 0xcc434089, 0x779ed967
+	.long		0xbd42e8b0, 0x888b8907, 0x385b19e7, 0xdbeec879
+	.long		0x470a7ca1, 0xe90f427c, 0xc91e84f8, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x83868009, 0x48ed2b32, 0xac70111e, 0x4e725a6c
+	.long		0xfbff0efd, 0x5638850f, 0x1ed5ae3d, 0x27392d36
+	.long		0x64d90f0a, 0x21a65c68, 0xd1545b9b, 0x3a2e3624
+	.long		0xb1670a0c, 0x0fe75793, 0xd296eeb4, 0x9e919b1b
+	.long		0x4fc5c080, 0xa220dc61, 0x694b775a, 0x161a121c
+	.long		0x0aba93e2, 0xe52aa0c0, 0x43e0223c, 0x1d171b12
+	.long		0x0b0d090e, 0xadc78bf2, 0xb9a8b62d, 0xc8a91e14
+	.long		0x8519f157, 0x4c0775af, 0xbbdd99ee, 0xfd607fa3
+	.long		0x9f2601f7, 0xbcf5725c, 0xc53b6644, 0x347efb5b
+	.long		0x7629438b, 0xdcc623cb, 0x68fcedb6, 0x63f1e4b8
+	.long		0xcadc31d7, 0x10856342, 0x40229713, 0x2011c684
+	.long		0x7d244a85, 0xf83dbbd2, 0x1132f9ae, 0x6da129c7
+	.long		0x4b2f9e1d, 0xf330b2dc, 0xec52860d, 0xd0e3c177
+	.long		0x6c16b32b, 0x99b970a9, 0xfa489411, 0x2264e947
+	.long		0xc48cfca8, 0x1a3ff0a0, 0xd82c7d56, 0xef903322
+	.long		0xc74e4987, 0xc1d138d9, 0xfea2ca8c, 0x360bd498
+	.long		0xcf81f5a6, 0x28de7aa5, 0x268eb7da, 0xa4bfad3f
+	.long		0xe49d3a2c, 0x0d927850, 0x9bcc5f6a, 0x62467e54
+	.long		0xc2138df6, 0xe8b8d890, 0x5ef7392e, 0xf5afc382
+	.long		0xbe805d9f, 0x7c93d069, 0xa92dd56f, 0xb31225cf
+	.long		0x3b99acc8, 0xa77d1810, 0x6e639ce8, 0x7bbb3bdb
+	.long		0x097826cd, 0xf418596e, 0x01b79aec, 0xa89a4f83
+	.long		0x656e95e6, 0x7ee6ffaa, 0x08cfbc21, 0xe6e815ef
+	.long		0xd99be7ba, 0xce366f4a, 0xd4099fea, 0xd67cb029
+	.long		0xafb2a431, 0x31233f2a, 0x3094a5c6, 0xc066a235
+	.long		0x37bc4e74, 0xa6ca82fc, 0xb0d090e0, 0x15d8a733
+	.long		0x4a9804f1, 0xf7daec41, 0x0e50cd7f, 0x2ff69117
+	.long		0x8dd64d76, 0x4db0ef43, 0x544daacc, 0xdf0496e4
+	.long		0xe3b5d19e, 0x1b886a4c, 0xb81f2cc1, 0x7f516546
+	.long		0x04ea5e9d, 0x5d358c01, 0x737487fa, 0x2e410bfb
+	.long		0x5a1d67b3, 0x52d2db92, 0x335610e9, 0x1347d66d
+	.long		0x8c61d79a, 0x7a0ca137, 0x8e14f859, 0x893c13eb
+	.long		0xee27a9ce, 0x35c961b7, 0xede51ce1, 0x3cb1477a
+	.long		0x59dfd29c, 0x3f73f255, 0x79ce1418, 0xbf37c773
+	.long		0xeacdf753, 0x5baafd5f, 0x146f3ddf, 0x86db4478
+	.long		0x81f3afca, 0x3ec468b9, 0x2c342438, 0x5f40a3c2
+	.long		0x72c31d16, 0x0c25e2bc, 0x8b493c28, 0x41950dff
+	.long		0x7101a839, 0xdeb30c08, 0x9ce4b4d8, 0x90c15664
+	.long		0x6184cb7b, 0x70b632d5, 0x745c6c48, 0x4257b8d0
+	.if		\full == 1
+	.long		0xa7f45150, 0x65417e53, 0xa4171ac3, 0x5e273a96
+	.long		0x6bab3bcb, 0x459d1ff1, 0x58faacab, 0x03e34b93
+	.long		0xfa302055, 0x6d76adf6, 0x76cc8891, 0x4c02f525
+	.long		0xd7e54ffc, 0xcb2ac5d7, 0x44352680, 0xa362b58f
+	.long		0x5ab1de49, 0x1bba2567, 0x0eea4598, 0xc0fe5de1
+	.long		0x752fc302, 0xf04c8112, 0x97468da3, 0xf9d36bc6
+	.long		0x5f8f03e7, 0x9c921595, 0x7a6dbfeb, 0x595295da
+	.long		0x83bed42d, 0x217458d3, 0x69e04929, 0xc8c98e44
+	.long		0x89c2756a, 0x798ef478, 0x3e58996b, 0x71b927dd
+	.long		0x4fe1beb6, 0xad88f017, 0xac20c966, 0x3ace7db4
+	.long		0x4adf6318, 0x311ae582, 0x33519760, 0x7f536245
+	.long		0x7764b1e0, 0xae6bbb84, 0xa081fe1c, 0x2b08f994
+	.long		0x68487058, 0xfd458f19, 0x6cde9487, 0xf87b52b7
+	.long		0xd373ab23, 0x024b72e2, 0x8f1fe357, 0xab55662a
+	.long		0x28ebb207, 0xc2b52f03, 0x7bc5869a, 0x0837d3a5
+	.long		0x872830f2, 0xa5bf23b2, 0x6a0302ba, 0x8216ed5c
+	.long		0x1ccf8a2b, 0xb479a792, 0xf207f3f0, 0xe2694ea1
+	.long		0xf4da65cd, 0xbe0506d5, 0x6234d11f, 0xfea6c48a
+	.long		0x532e349d, 0x55f3a2a0, 0xe18a0532, 0xebf6a475
+	.long		0xec830b39, 0xef6040aa, 0x9f715e06, 0x106ebd51
+	.long		0x8a213ef9, 0x06dd963d, 0x053eddae, 0xbde64d46
+	.long		0x8d5491b5, 0x5dc47105, 0xd406046f, 0x155060ff
+	.long		0xfb981924, 0xe9bdd697, 0x434089cc, 0x9ed96777
+	.long		0x42e8b0bd, 0x8b890788, 0x5b19e738, 0xeec879db
+	.long		0x0a7ca147, 0x0f427ce9, 0x1e84f8c9, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x86800983, 0xed2b3248, 0x70111eac, 0x725a6c4e
+	.long		0xff0efdfb, 0x38850f56, 0xd5ae3d1e, 0x392d3627
+	.long		0xd90f0a64, 0xa65c6821, 0x545b9bd1, 0x2e36243a
+	.long		0x670a0cb1, 0xe757930f, 0x96eeb4d2, 0x919b1b9e
+	.long		0xc5c0804f, 0x20dc61a2, 0x4b775a69, 0x1a121c16
+	.long		0xba93e20a, 0x2aa0c0e5, 0xe0223c43, 0x171b121d
+	.long		0x0d090e0b, 0xc78bf2ad, 0xa8b62db9, 0xa91e14c8
+	.long		0x19f15785, 0x0775af4c, 0xdd99eebb, 0x607fa3fd
+	.long		0x2601f79f, 0xf5725cbc, 0x3b6644c5, 0x7efb5b34
+	.long		0x29438b76, 0xc623cbdc, 0xfcedb668, 0xf1e4b863
+	.long		0xdc31d7ca, 0x85634210, 0x22971340, 0x11c68420
+	.long		0x244a857d, 0x3dbbd2f8, 0x32f9ae11, 0xa129c76d
+	.long		0x2f9e1d4b, 0x30b2dcf3, 0x52860dec, 0xe3c177d0
+	.long		0x16b32b6c, 0xb970a999, 0x489411fa, 0x64e94722
+	.long		0x8cfca8c4, 0x3ff0a01a, 0x2c7d56d8, 0x903322ef
+	.long		0x4e4987c7, 0xd138d9c1, 0xa2ca8cfe, 0x0bd49836
+	.long		0x81f5a6cf, 0xde7aa528, 0x8eb7da26, 0xbfad3fa4
+	.long		0x9d3a2ce4, 0x9278500d, 0xcc5f6a9b, 0x467e5462
+	.long		0x138df6c2, 0xb8d890e8, 0xf7392e5e, 0xafc382f5
+	.long		0x805d9fbe, 0x93d0697c, 0x2dd56fa9, 0x1225cfb3
+	.long		0x99acc83b, 0x7d1810a7, 0x639ce86e, 0xbb3bdb7b
+	.long		0x7826cd09, 0x18596ef4, 0xb79aec01, 0x9a4f83a8
+	.long		0x6e95e665, 0xe6ffaa7e, 0xcfbc2108, 0xe815efe6
+	.long		0x9be7bad9, 0x366f4ace, 0x099fead4, 0x7cb029d6
+	.long		0xb2a431af, 0x233f2a31, 0x94a5c630, 0x66a235c0
+	.long		0xbc4e7437, 0xca82fca6, 0xd090e0b0, 0xd8a73315
+	.long		0x9804f14a, 0xdaec41f7, 0x50cd7f0e, 0xf691172f
+	.long		0xd64d768d, 0xb0ef434d, 0x4daacc54, 0x0496e4df
+	.long		0xb5d19ee3, 0x886a4c1b, 0x1f2cc1b8, 0x5165467f
+	.long		0xea5e9d04, 0x358c015d, 0x7487fa73, 0x410bfb2e
+	.long		0x1d67b35a, 0xd2db9252, 0x5610e933, 0x47d66d13
+	.long		0x61d79a8c, 0x0ca1377a, 0x14f8598e, 0x3c13eb89
+	.long		0x27a9ceee, 0xc961b735, 0xe51ce1ed, 0xb1477a3c
+	.long		0xdfd29c59, 0x73f2553f, 0xce141879, 0x37c773bf
+	.long		0xcdf753ea, 0xaafd5f5b, 0x6f3ddf14, 0xdb447886
+	.long		0xf3afca81, 0xc468b93e, 0x3424382c, 0x40a3c25f
+	.long		0xc31d1672, 0x25e2bc0c, 0x493c288b, 0x950dff41
+	.long		0x01a83971, 0xb30c08de, 0xe4b4d89c, 0xc1566490
+	.long		0x84cb7b61, 0xb632d570, 0x5c6c4874, 0x57b8d042
+	.long		0xf45150a7, 0x417e5365, 0x171ac3a4, 0x273a965e
+	.long		0xab3bcb6b, 0x9d1ff145, 0xfaacab58, 0xe34b9303
+	.long		0x302055fa, 0x76adf66d, 0xcc889176, 0x02f5254c
+	.long		0xe54ffcd7, 0x2ac5d7cb, 0x35268044, 0x62b58fa3
+	.long		0xb1de495a, 0xba25671b, 0xea45980e, 0xfe5de1c0
+	.long		0x2fc30275, 0x4c8112f0, 0x468da397, 0xd36bc6f9
+	.long		0x8f03e75f, 0x9215959c, 0x6dbfeb7a, 0x5295da59
+	.long		0xbed42d83, 0x7458d321, 0xe0492969, 0xc98e44c8
+	.long		0xc2756a89, 0x8ef47879, 0x58996b3e, 0xb927dd71
+	.long		0xe1beb64f, 0x88f017ad, 0x20c966ac, 0xce7db43a
+	.long		0xdf63184a, 0x1ae58231, 0x51976033, 0x5362457f
+	.long		0x64b1e077, 0x6bbb84ae, 0x81fe1ca0, 0x08f9942b
+	.long		0x48705868, 0x458f19fd, 0xde94876c, 0x7b52b7f8
+	.long		0x73ab23d3, 0x4b72e202, 0x1fe3578f, 0x55662aab
+	.long		0xebb20728, 0xb52f03c2, 0xc5869a7b, 0x37d3a508
+	.long		0x2830f287, 0xbf23b2a5, 0x0302ba6a, 0x16ed5c82
+	.long		0xcf8a2b1c, 0x79a792b4, 0x07f3f0f2, 0x694ea1e2
+	.long		0xda65cdf4, 0x0506d5be, 0x34d11f62, 0xa6c48afe
+	.long		0x2e349d53, 0xf3a2a055, 0x8a0532e1, 0xf6a475eb
+	.long		0x830b39ec, 0x6040aaef, 0x715e069f, 0x6ebd5110
+	.long		0x213ef98a, 0xdd963d06, 0x3eddae05, 0xe64d46bd
+	.long		0x5491b58d, 0xc471055d, 0x06046fd4, 0x5060ff15
+	.long		0x981924fb, 0xbdd697e9, 0x4089cc43, 0xd967779e
+	.long		0xe8b0bd42, 0x8907888b, 0x19e7385b, 0xc879dbee
+	.long		0x7ca1470a, 0x427ce90f, 0x84f8c91e, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x80098386, 0x2b3248ed, 0x111eac70, 0x5a6c4e72
+	.long		0x0efdfbff, 0x850f5638, 0xae3d1ed5, 0x2d362739
+	.long		0x0f0a64d9, 0x5c6821a6, 0x5b9bd154, 0x36243a2e
+	.long		0x0a0cb167, 0x57930fe7, 0xeeb4d296, 0x9b1b9e91
+	.long		0xc0804fc5, 0xdc61a220, 0x775a694b, 0x121c161a
+	.long		0x93e20aba, 0xa0c0e52a, 0x223c43e0, 0x1b121d17
+	.long		0x090e0b0d, 0x8bf2adc7, 0xb62db9a8, 0x1e14c8a9
+	.long		0xf1578519, 0x75af4c07, 0x99eebbdd, 0x7fa3fd60
+	.long		0x01f79f26, 0x725cbcf5, 0x6644c53b, 0xfb5b347e
+	.long		0x438b7629, 0x23cbdcc6, 0xedb668fc, 0xe4b863f1
+	.long		0x31d7cadc, 0x63421085, 0x97134022, 0xc6842011
+	.long		0x4a857d24, 0xbbd2f83d, 0xf9ae1132, 0x29c76da1
+	.long		0x9e1d4b2f, 0xb2dcf330, 0x860dec52, 0xc177d0e3
+	.long		0xb32b6c16, 0x70a999b9, 0x9411fa48, 0xe9472264
+	.long		0xfca8c48c, 0xf0a01a3f, 0x7d56d82c, 0x3322ef90
+	.long		0x4987c74e, 0x38d9c1d1, 0xca8cfea2, 0xd498360b
+	.long		0xf5a6cf81, 0x7aa528de, 0xb7da268e, 0xad3fa4bf
+	.long		0x3a2ce49d, 0x78500d92, 0x5f6a9bcc, 0x7e546246
+	.long		0x8df6c213, 0xd890e8b8, 0x392e5ef7, 0xc382f5af
+	.long		0x5d9fbe80, 0xd0697c93, 0xd56fa92d, 0x25cfb312
+	.long		0xacc83b99, 0x1810a77d, 0x9ce86e63, 0x3bdb7bbb
+	.long		0x26cd0978, 0x596ef418, 0x9aec01b7, 0x4f83a89a
+	.long		0x95e6656e, 0xffaa7ee6, 0xbc2108cf, 0x15efe6e8
+	.long		0xe7bad99b, 0x6f4ace36, 0x9fead409, 0xb029d67c
+	.long		0xa431afb2, 0x3f2a3123, 0xa5c63094, 0xa235c066
+	.long		0x4e7437bc, 0x82fca6ca, 0x90e0b0d0, 0xa73315d8
+	.long		0x04f14a98, 0xec41f7da, 0xcd7f0e50, 0x91172ff6
+	.long		0x4d768dd6, 0xef434db0, 0xaacc544d, 0x96e4df04
+	.long		0xd19ee3b5, 0x6a4c1b88, 0x2cc1b81f, 0x65467f51
+	.long		0x5e9d04ea, 0x8c015d35, 0x87fa7374, 0x0bfb2e41
+	.long		0x67b35a1d, 0xdb9252d2, 0x10e93356, 0xd66d1347
+	.long		0xd79a8c61, 0xa1377a0c, 0xf8598e14, 0x13eb893c
+	.long		0xa9ceee27, 0x61b735c9, 0x1ce1ede5, 0x477a3cb1
+	.long		0xd29c59df, 0xf2553f73, 0x141879ce, 0xc773bf37
+	.long		0xf753eacd, 0xfd5f5baa, 0x3ddf146f, 0x447886db
+	.long		0xafca81f3, 0x68b93ec4, 0x24382c34, 0xa3c25f40
+	.long		0x1d1672c3, 0xe2bc0c25, 0x3c288b49, 0x0dff4195
+	.long		0xa8397101, 0x0c08deb3, 0xb4d89ce4, 0x566490c1
+	.long		0xcb7b6184, 0x32d570b6, 0x6c48745c, 0xb8d04257
+	.long		0x5150a7f4, 0x7e536541, 0x1ac3a417, 0x3a965e27
+	.long		0x3bcb6bab, 0x1ff1459d, 0xacab58fa, 0x4b9303e3
+	.long		0x2055fa30, 0xadf66d76, 0x889176cc, 0xf5254c02
+	.long		0x4ffcd7e5, 0xc5d7cb2a, 0x26804435, 0xb58fa362
+	.long		0xde495ab1, 0x25671bba, 0x45980eea, 0x5de1c0fe
+	.long		0xc302752f, 0x8112f04c, 0x8da39746, 0x6bc6f9d3
+	.long		0x03e75f8f, 0x15959c92, 0xbfeb7a6d, 0x95da5952
+	.long		0xd42d83be, 0x58d32174, 0x492969e0, 0x8e44c8c9
+	.long		0x756a89c2, 0xf478798e, 0x996b3e58, 0x27dd71b9
+	.long		0xbeb64fe1, 0xf017ad88, 0xc966ac20, 0x7db43ace
+	.long		0x63184adf, 0xe582311a, 0x97603351, 0x62457f53
+	.long		0xb1e07764, 0xbb84ae6b, 0xfe1ca081, 0xf9942b08
+	.long		0x70586848, 0x8f19fd45, 0x94876cde, 0x52b7f87b
+	.long		0xab23d373, 0x72e2024b, 0xe3578f1f, 0x662aab55
+	.long		0xb20728eb, 0x2f03c2b5, 0x869a7bc5, 0xd3a50837
+	.long		0x30f28728, 0x23b2a5bf, 0x02ba6a03, 0xed5c8216
+	.long		0x8a2b1ccf, 0xa792b479, 0xf3f0f207, 0x4ea1e269
+	.long		0x65cdf4da, 0x06d5be05, 0xd11f6234, 0xc48afea6
+	.long		0x349d532e, 0xa2a055f3, 0x0532e18a, 0xa475ebf6
+	.long		0x0b39ec83, 0x40aaef60, 0x5e069f71, 0xbd51106e
+	.long		0x3ef98a21, 0x963d06dd, 0xddae053e, 0x4d46bde6
+	.long		0x91b58d54, 0x71055dc4, 0x046fd406, 0x60ff1550
+	.long		0x1924fb98, 0xd697e9bd, 0x89cc4340, 0x67779ed9
+	.long		0xb0bd42e8, 0x07888b89, 0xe7385b19, 0x79dbeec8
+	.long		0xa1470a7c, 0x7ce90f42, 0xf8c91e84, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x09838680, 0x3248ed2b, 0x1eac7011, 0x6c4e725a
+	.long		0xfdfbff0e, 0x0f563885, 0x3d1ed5ae, 0x3627392d
+	.long		0x0a64d90f, 0x6821a65c, 0x9bd1545b, 0x243a2e36
+	.long		0x0cb1670a, 0x930fe757, 0xb4d296ee, 0x1b9e919b
+	.long		0x804fc5c0, 0x61a220dc, 0x5a694b77, 0x1c161a12
+	.long		0xe20aba93, 0xc0e52aa0, 0x3c43e022, 0x121d171b
+	.long		0x0e0b0d09, 0xf2adc78b, 0x2db9a8b6, 0x14c8a91e
+	.long		0x578519f1, 0xaf4c0775, 0xeebbdd99, 0xa3fd607f
+	.long		0xf79f2601, 0x5cbcf572, 0x44c53b66, 0x5b347efb
+	.long		0x8b762943, 0xcbdcc623, 0xb668fced, 0xb863f1e4
+	.long		0xd7cadc31, 0x42108563, 0x13402297, 0x842011c6
+	.long		0x857d244a, 0xd2f83dbb, 0xae1132f9, 0xc76da129
+	.long		0x1d4b2f9e, 0xdcf330b2, 0x0dec5286, 0x77d0e3c1
+	.long		0x2b6c16b3, 0xa999b970, 0x11fa4894, 0x472264e9
+	.long		0xa8c48cfc, 0xa01a3ff0, 0x56d82c7d, 0x22ef9033
+	.long		0x87c74e49, 0xd9c1d138, 0x8cfea2ca, 0x98360bd4
+	.long		0xa6cf81f5, 0xa528de7a, 0xda268eb7, 0x3fa4bfad
+	.long		0x2ce49d3a, 0x500d9278, 0x6a9bcc5f, 0x5462467e
+	.long		0xf6c2138d, 0x90e8b8d8, 0x2e5ef739, 0x82f5afc3
+	.long		0x9fbe805d, 0x697c93d0, 0x6fa92dd5, 0xcfb31225
+	.long		0xc83b99ac, 0x10a77d18, 0xe86e639c, 0xdb7bbb3b
+	.long		0xcd097826, 0x6ef41859, 0xec01b79a, 0x83a89a4f
+	.long		0xe6656e95, 0xaa7ee6ff, 0x2108cfbc, 0xefe6e815
+	.long		0xbad99be7, 0x4ace366f, 0xead4099f, 0x29d67cb0
+	.long		0x31afb2a4, 0x2a31233f, 0xc63094a5, 0x35c066a2
+	.long		0x7437bc4e, 0xfca6ca82, 0xe0b0d090, 0x3315d8a7
+	.long		0xf14a9804, 0x41f7daec, 0x7f0e50cd, 0x172ff691
+	.long		0x768dd64d, 0x434db0ef, 0xcc544daa, 0xe4df0496
+	.long		0x9ee3b5d1, 0x4c1b886a, 0xc1b81f2c, 0x467f5165
+	.long		0x9d04ea5e, 0x015d358c, 0xfa737487, 0xfb2e410b
+	.long		0xb35a1d67, 0x9252d2db, 0xe9335610, 0x6d1347d6
+	.long		0x9a8c61d7, 0x377a0ca1, 0x598e14f8, 0xeb893c13
+	.long		0xceee27a9, 0xb735c961, 0xe1ede51c, 0x7a3cb147
+	.long		0x9c59dfd2, 0x553f73f2, 0x1879ce14, 0x73bf37c7
+	.long		0x53eacdf7, 0x5f5baafd, 0xdf146f3d, 0x7886db44
+	.long		0xca81f3af, 0xb93ec468, 0x382c3424, 0xc25f40a3
+	.long		0x1672c31d, 0xbc0c25e2, 0x288b493c, 0xff41950d
+	.long		0x397101a8, 0x08deb30c, 0xd89ce4b4, 0x6490c156
+	.long		0x7b6184cb, 0xd570b632, 0x48745c6c, 0xd04257b8
+	.endif
+	.endm
+	.macro		__crypto_il_tab, full=1
+	.long		0x00000052, 0x00000009, 0x0000006a, 0x000000d5
+	.long		0x00000030, 0x00000036, 0x000000a5, 0x00000038
+	.long		0x000000bf, 0x00000040, 0x000000a3, 0x0000009e
+	.long		0x00000081, 0x000000f3, 0x000000d7, 0x000000fb
+	.long		0x0000007c, 0x000000e3, 0x00000039, 0x00000082
+	.long		0x0000009b, 0x0000002f, 0x000000ff, 0x00000087
+	.long		0x00000034, 0x0000008e, 0x00000043, 0x00000044
+	.long		0x000000c4, 0x000000de, 0x000000e9, 0x000000cb
+	.long		0x00000054, 0x0000007b, 0x00000094, 0x00000032
+	.long		0x000000a6, 0x000000c2, 0x00000023, 0x0000003d
+	.long		0x000000ee, 0x0000004c, 0x00000095, 0x0000000b
+	.long		0x00000042, 0x000000fa, 0x000000c3, 0x0000004e
+	.long		0x00000008, 0x0000002e, 0x000000a1, 0x00000066
+	.long		0x00000028, 0x000000d9, 0x00000024, 0x000000b2
+	.long		0x00000076, 0x0000005b, 0x000000a2, 0x00000049
+	.long		0x0000006d, 0x0000008b, 0x000000d1, 0x00000025
+	.long		0x00000072, 0x000000f8, 0x000000f6, 0x00000064
+	.long		0x00000086, 0x00000068, 0x00000098, 0x00000016
+	.long		0x000000d4, 0x000000a4, 0x0000005c, 0x000000cc
+	.long		0x0000005d, 0x00000065, 0x000000b6, 0x00000092
+	.long		0x0000006c, 0x00000070, 0x00000048, 0x00000050
+	.long		0x000000fd, 0x000000ed, 0x000000b9, 0x000000da
+	.long		0x0000005e, 0x00000015, 0x00000046, 0x00000057
+	.long		0x000000a7, 0x0000008d, 0x0000009d, 0x00000084
+	.long		0x00000090, 0x000000d8, 0x000000ab, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x0000008c, 0x000000bc, 0x000000d3, 0x0000000a
+	.long		0x000000f7, 0x000000e4, 0x00000058, 0x00000005
+	.long		0x000000b8, 0x000000b3, 0x00000045, 0x00000006
+	.long		0x000000d0, 0x0000002c, 0x0000001e, 0x0000008f
+	.long		0x000000ca, 0x0000003f, 0x0000000f, 0x00000002
+	.long		0x000000c1, 0x000000af, 0x000000bd, 0x00000003
+	.long		0x00000001, 0x00000013, 0x0000008a, 0x0000006b
+	.long		0x0000003a, 0x00000091, 0x00000011, 0x00000041
+	.long		0x0000004f, 0x00000067, 0x000000dc, 0x000000ea
+	.long		0x00000097, 0x000000f2, 0x000000cf, 0x000000ce
+	.long		0x000000f0, 0x000000b4, 0x000000e6, 0x00000073
+	.long		0x00000096, 0x000000ac, 0x00000074, 0x00000022
+	.long		0x000000e7, 0x000000ad, 0x00000035, 0x00000085
+	.long		0x000000e2, 0x000000f9, 0x00000037, 0x000000e8
+	.long		0x0000001c, 0x00000075, 0x000000df, 0x0000006e
+	.long		0x00000047, 0x000000f1, 0x0000001a, 0x00000071
+	.long		0x0000001d, 0x00000029, 0x000000c5, 0x00000089
+	.long		0x0000006f, 0x000000b7, 0x00000062, 0x0000000e
+	.long		0x000000aa, 0x00000018, 0x000000be, 0x0000001b
+	.long		0x000000fc, 0x00000056, 0x0000003e, 0x0000004b
+	.long		0x000000c6, 0x000000d2, 0x00000079, 0x00000020
+	.long		0x0000009a, 0x000000db, 0x000000c0, 0x000000fe
+	.long		0x00000078, 0x000000cd, 0x0000005a, 0x000000f4
+	.long		0x0000001f, 0x000000dd, 0x000000a8, 0x00000033
+	.long		0x00000088, 0x00000007, 0x000000c7, 0x00000031
+	.long		0x000000b1, 0x00000012, 0x00000010, 0x00000059
+	.long		0x00000027, 0x00000080, 0x000000ec, 0x0000005f
+	.long		0x00000060, 0x00000051, 0x0000007f, 0x000000a9
+	.long		0x00000019, 0x000000b5, 0x0000004a, 0x0000000d
+	.long		0x0000002d, 0x000000e5, 0x0000007a, 0x0000009f
+	.long		0x00000093, 0x000000c9, 0x0000009c, 0x000000ef
+	.long		0x000000a0, 0x000000e0, 0x0000003b, 0x0000004d
+	.long		0x000000ae, 0x0000002a, 0x000000f5, 0x000000b0
+	.long		0x000000c8, 0x000000eb, 0x000000bb, 0x0000003c
+	.long		0x00000083, 0x00000053, 0x00000099, 0x00000061
+	.long		0x00000017, 0x0000002b, 0x00000004, 0x0000007e
+	.long		0x000000ba, 0x00000077, 0x000000d6, 0x00000026
+	.long		0x000000e1, 0x00000069, 0x00000014, 0x00000063
+	.long		0x00000055, 0x00000021, 0x0000000c, 0x0000007d
+	.if		\full == 1
+	.long		0x00005200, 0x00000900, 0x00006a00, 0x0000d500
+	.long		0x00003000, 0x00003600, 0x0000a500, 0x00003800
+	.long		0x0000bf00, 0x00004000, 0x0000a300, 0x00009e00
+	.long		0x00008100, 0x0000f300, 0x0000d700, 0x0000fb00
+	.long		0x00007c00, 0x0000e300, 0x00003900, 0x00008200
+	.long		0x00009b00, 0x00002f00, 0x0000ff00, 0x00008700
+	.long		0x00003400, 0x00008e00, 0x00004300, 0x00004400
+	.long		0x0000c400, 0x0000de00, 0x0000e900, 0x0000cb00
+	.long		0x00005400, 0x00007b00, 0x00009400, 0x00003200
+	.long		0x0000a600, 0x0000c200, 0x00002300, 0x00003d00
+	.long		0x0000ee00, 0x00004c00, 0x00009500, 0x00000b00
+	.long		0x00004200, 0x0000fa00, 0x0000c300, 0x00004e00
+	.long		0x00000800, 0x00002e00, 0x0000a100, 0x00006600
+	.long		0x00002800, 0x0000d900, 0x00002400, 0x0000b200
+	.long		0x00007600, 0x00005b00, 0x0000a200, 0x00004900
+	.long		0x00006d00, 0x00008b00, 0x0000d100, 0x00002500
+	.long		0x00007200, 0x0000f800, 0x0000f600, 0x00006400
+	.long		0x00008600, 0x00006800, 0x00009800, 0x00001600
+	.long		0x0000d400, 0x0000a400, 0x00005c00, 0x0000cc00
+	.long		0x00005d00, 0x00006500, 0x0000b600, 0x00009200
+	.long		0x00006c00, 0x00007000, 0x00004800, 0x00005000
+	.long		0x0000fd00, 0x0000ed00, 0x0000b900, 0x0000da00
+	.long		0x00005e00, 0x00001500, 0x00004600, 0x00005700
+	.long		0x0000a700, 0x00008d00, 0x00009d00, 0x00008400
+	.long		0x00009000, 0x0000d800, 0x0000ab00, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x00008c00, 0x0000bc00, 0x0000d300, 0x00000a00
+	.long		0x0000f700, 0x0000e400, 0x00005800, 0x00000500
+	.long		0x0000b800, 0x0000b300, 0x00004500, 0x00000600
+	.long		0x0000d000, 0x00002c00, 0x00001e00, 0x00008f00
+	.long		0x0000ca00, 0x00003f00, 0x00000f00, 0x00000200
+	.long		0x0000c100, 0x0000af00, 0x0000bd00, 0x00000300
+	.long		0x00000100, 0x00001300, 0x00008a00, 0x00006b00
+	.long		0x00003a00, 0x00009100, 0x00001100, 0x00004100
+	.long		0x00004f00, 0x00006700, 0x0000dc00, 0x0000ea00
+	.long		0x00009700, 0x0000f200, 0x0000cf00, 0x0000ce00
+	.long		0x0000f000, 0x0000b400, 0x0000e600, 0x00007300
+	.long		0x00009600, 0x0000ac00, 0x00007400, 0x00002200
+	.long		0x0000e700, 0x0000ad00, 0x00003500, 0x00008500
+	.long		0x0000e200, 0x0000f900, 0x00003700, 0x0000e800
+	.long		0x00001c00, 0x00007500, 0x0000df00, 0x00006e00
+	.long		0x00004700, 0x0000f100, 0x00001a00, 0x00007100
+	.long		0x00001d00, 0x00002900, 0x0000c500, 0x00008900
+	.long		0x00006f00, 0x0000b700, 0x00006200, 0x00000e00
+	.long		0x0000aa00, 0x00001800, 0x0000be00, 0x00001b00
+	.long		0x0000fc00, 0x00005600, 0x00003e00, 0x00004b00
+	.long		0x0000c600, 0x0000d200, 0x00007900, 0x00002000
+	.long		0x00009a00, 0x0000db00, 0x0000c000, 0x0000fe00
+	.long		0x00007800, 0x0000cd00, 0x00005a00, 0x0000f400
+	.long		0x00001f00, 0x0000dd00, 0x0000a800, 0x00003300
+	.long		0x00008800, 0x00000700, 0x0000c700, 0x00003100
+	.long		0x0000b100, 0x00001200, 0x00001000, 0x00005900
+	.long		0x00002700, 0x00008000, 0x0000ec00, 0x00005f00
+	.long		0x00006000, 0x00005100, 0x00007f00, 0x0000a900
+	.long		0x00001900, 0x0000b500, 0x00004a00, 0x00000d00
+	.long		0x00002d00, 0x0000e500, 0x00007a00, 0x00009f00
+	.long		0x00009300, 0x0000c900, 0x00009c00, 0x0000ef00
+	.long		0x0000a000, 0x0000e000, 0x00003b00, 0x00004d00
+	.long		0x0000ae00, 0x00002a00, 0x0000f500, 0x0000b000
+	.long		0x0000c800, 0x0000eb00, 0x0000bb00, 0x00003c00
+	.long		0x00008300, 0x00005300, 0x00009900, 0x00006100
+	.long		0x00001700, 0x00002b00, 0x00000400, 0x00007e00
+	.long		0x0000ba00, 0x00007700, 0x0000d600, 0x00002600
+	.long		0x0000e100, 0x00006900, 0x00001400, 0x00006300
+	.long		0x00005500, 0x00002100, 0x00000c00, 0x00007d00
+	.long		0x00520000, 0x00090000, 0x006a0000, 0x00d50000
+	.long		0x00300000, 0x00360000, 0x00a50000, 0x00380000
+	.long		0x00bf0000, 0x00400000, 0x00a30000, 0x009e0000
+	.long		0x00810000, 0x00f30000, 0x00d70000, 0x00fb0000
+	.long		0x007c0000, 0x00e30000, 0x00390000, 0x00820000
+	.long		0x009b0000, 0x002f0000, 0x00ff0000, 0x00870000
+	.long		0x00340000, 0x008e0000, 0x00430000, 0x00440000
+	.long		0x00c40000, 0x00de0000, 0x00e90000, 0x00cb0000
+	.long		0x00540000, 0x007b0000, 0x00940000, 0x00320000
+	.long		0x00a60000, 0x00c20000, 0x00230000, 0x003d0000
+	.long		0x00ee0000, 0x004c0000, 0x00950000, 0x000b0000
+	.long		0x00420000, 0x00fa0000, 0x00c30000, 0x004e0000
+	.long		0x00080000, 0x002e0000, 0x00a10000, 0x00660000
+	.long		0x00280000, 0x00d90000, 0x00240000, 0x00b20000
+	.long		0x00760000, 0x005b0000, 0x00a20000, 0x00490000
+	.long		0x006d0000, 0x008b0000, 0x00d10000, 0x00250000
+	.long		0x00720000, 0x00f80000, 0x00f60000, 0x00640000
+	.long		0x00860000, 0x00680000, 0x00980000, 0x00160000
+	.long		0x00d40000, 0x00a40000, 0x005c0000, 0x00cc0000
+	.long		0x005d0000, 0x00650000, 0x00b60000, 0x00920000
+	.long		0x006c0000, 0x00700000, 0x00480000, 0x00500000
+	.long		0x00fd0000, 0x00ed0000, 0x00b90000, 0x00da0000
+	.long		0x005e0000, 0x00150000, 0x00460000, 0x00570000
+	.long		0x00a70000, 0x008d0000, 0x009d0000, 0x00840000
+	.long		0x00900000, 0x00d80000, 0x00ab0000, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x008c0000, 0x00bc0000, 0x00d30000, 0x000a0000
+	.long		0x00f70000, 0x00e40000, 0x00580000, 0x00050000
+	.long		0x00b80000, 0x00b30000, 0x00450000, 0x00060000
+	.long		0x00d00000, 0x002c0000, 0x001e0000, 0x008f0000
+	.long		0x00ca0000, 0x003f0000, 0x000f0000, 0x00020000
+	.long		0x00c10000, 0x00af0000, 0x00bd0000, 0x00030000
+	.long		0x00010000, 0x00130000, 0x008a0000, 0x006b0000
+	.long		0x003a0000, 0x00910000, 0x00110000, 0x00410000
+	.long		0x004f0000, 0x00670000, 0x00dc0000, 0x00ea0000
+	.long		0x00970000, 0x00f20000, 0x00cf0000, 0x00ce0000
+	.long		0x00f00000, 0x00b40000, 0x00e60000, 0x00730000
+	.long		0x00960000, 0x00ac0000, 0x00740000, 0x00220000
+	.long		0x00e70000, 0x00ad0000, 0x00350000, 0x00850000
+	.long		0x00e20000, 0x00f90000, 0x00370000, 0x00e80000
+	.long		0x001c0000, 0x00750000, 0x00df0000, 0x006e0000
+	.long		0x00470000, 0x00f10000, 0x001a0000, 0x00710000
+	.long		0x001d0000, 0x00290000, 0x00c50000, 0x00890000
+	.long		0x006f0000, 0x00b70000, 0x00620000, 0x000e0000
+	.long		0x00aa0000, 0x00180000, 0x00be0000, 0x001b0000
+	.long		0x00fc0000, 0x00560000, 0x003e0000, 0x004b0000
+	.long		0x00c60000, 0x00d20000, 0x00790000, 0x00200000
+	.long		0x009a0000, 0x00db0000, 0x00c00000, 0x00fe0000
+	.long		0x00780000, 0x00cd0000, 0x005a0000, 0x00f40000
+	.long		0x001f0000, 0x00dd0000, 0x00a80000, 0x00330000
+	.long		0x00880000, 0x00070000, 0x00c70000, 0x00310000
+	.long		0x00b10000, 0x00120000, 0x00100000, 0x00590000
+	.long		0x00270000, 0x00800000, 0x00ec0000, 0x005f0000
+	.long		0x00600000, 0x00510000, 0x007f0000, 0x00a90000
+	.long		0x00190000, 0x00b50000, 0x004a0000, 0x000d0000
+	.long		0x002d0000, 0x00e50000, 0x007a0000, 0x009f0000
+	.long		0x00930000, 0x00c90000, 0x009c0000, 0x00ef0000
+	.long		0x00a00000, 0x00e00000, 0x003b0000, 0x004d0000
+	.long		0x00ae0000, 0x002a0000, 0x00f50000, 0x00b00000
+	.long		0x00c80000, 0x00eb0000, 0x00bb0000, 0x003c0000
+	.long		0x00830000, 0x00530000, 0x00990000, 0x00610000
+	.long		0x00170000, 0x002b0000, 0x00040000, 0x007e0000
+	.long		0x00ba0000, 0x00770000, 0x00d60000, 0x00260000
+	.long		0x00e10000, 0x00690000, 0x00140000, 0x00630000
+	.long		0x00550000, 0x00210000, 0x000c0000, 0x007d0000
+	.long		0x52000000, 0x09000000, 0x6a000000, 0xd5000000
+	.long		0x30000000, 0x36000000, 0xa5000000, 0x38000000
+	.long		0xbf000000, 0x40000000, 0xa3000000, 0x9e000000
+	.long		0x81000000, 0xf3000000, 0xd7000000, 0xfb000000
+	.long		0x7c000000, 0xe3000000, 0x39000000, 0x82000000
+	.long		0x9b000000, 0x2f000000, 0xff000000, 0x87000000
+	.long		0x34000000, 0x8e000000, 0x43000000, 0x44000000
+	.long		0xc4000000, 0xde000000, 0xe9000000, 0xcb000000
+	.long		0x54000000, 0x7b000000, 0x94000000, 0x32000000
+	.long		0xa6000000, 0xc2000000, 0x23000000, 0x3d000000
+	.long		0xee000000, 0x4c000000, 0x95000000, 0x0b000000
+	.long		0x42000000, 0xfa000000, 0xc3000000, 0x4e000000
+	.long		0x08000000, 0x2e000000, 0xa1000000, 0x66000000
+	.long		0x28000000, 0xd9000000, 0x24000000, 0xb2000000
+	.long		0x76000000, 0x5b000000, 0xa2000000, 0x49000000
+	.long		0x6d000000, 0x8b000000, 0xd1000000, 0x25000000
+	.long		0x72000000, 0xf8000000, 0xf6000000, 0x64000000
+	.long		0x86000000, 0x68000000, 0x98000000, 0x16000000
+	.long		0xd4000000, 0xa4000000, 0x5c000000, 0xcc000000
+	.long		0x5d000000, 0x65000000, 0xb6000000, 0x92000000
+	.long		0x6c000000, 0x70000000, 0x48000000, 0x50000000
+	.long		0xfd000000, 0xed000000, 0xb9000000, 0xda000000
+	.long		0x5e000000, 0x15000000, 0x46000000, 0x57000000
+	.long		0xa7000000, 0x8d000000, 0x9d000000, 0x84000000
+	.long		0x90000000, 0xd8000000, 0xab000000, 0x00000000
+	.long		0x8c000000, 0xbc000000, 0xd3000000, 0x0a000000
+	.long		0xf7000000, 0xe4000000, 0x58000000, 0x05000000
+	.long		0xb8000000, 0xb3000000, 0x45000000, 0x06000000
+	.long		0xd0000000, 0x2c000000, 0x1e000000, 0x8f000000
+	.long		0xca000000, 0x3f000000, 0x0f000000, 0x02000000
+	.long		0xc1000000, 0xaf000000, 0xbd000000, 0x03000000
+	.long		0x01000000, 0x13000000, 0x8a000000, 0x6b000000
+	.long		0x3a000000, 0x91000000, 0x11000000, 0x41000000
+	.long		0x4f000000, 0x67000000, 0xdc000000, 0xea000000
+	.long		0x97000000, 0xf2000000, 0xcf000000, 0xce000000
+	.long		0xf0000000, 0xb4000000, 0xe6000000, 0x73000000
+	.long		0x96000000, 0xac000000, 0x74000000, 0x22000000
+	.long		0xe7000000, 0xad000000, 0x35000000, 0x85000000
+	.long		0xe2000000, 0xf9000000, 0x37000000, 0xe8000000
+	.long		0x1c000000, 0x75000000, 0xdf000000, 0x6e000000
+	.long		0x47000000, 0xf1000000, 0x1a000000, 0x71000000
+	.long		0x1d000000, 0x29000000, 0xc5000000, 0x89000000
+	.long		0x6f000000, 0xb7000000, 0x62000000, 0x0e000000
+	.long		0xaa000000, 0x18000000, 0xbe000000, 0x1b000000
+	.long		0xfc000000, 0x56000000, 0x3e000000, 0x4b000000
+	.long		0xc6000000, 0xd2000000, 0x79000000, 0x20000000
+	.long		0x9a000000, 0xdb000000, 0xc0000000, 0xfe000000
+	.long		0x78000000, 0xcd000000, 0x5a000000, 0xf4000000
+	.long		0x1f000000, 0xdd000000, 0xa8000000, 0x33000000
+	.long		0x88000000, 0x07000000, 0xc7000000, 0x31000000
+	.long		0xb1000000, 0x12000000, 0x10000000, 0x59000000
+	.long		0x27000000, 0x80000000, 0xec000000, 0x5f000000
+	.long		0x60000000, 0x51000000, 0x7f000000, 0xa9000000
+	.long		0x19000000, 0xb5000000, 0x4a000000, 0x0d000000
+	.long		0x2d000000, 0xe5000000, 0x7a000000, 0x9f000000
+	.long		0x93000000, 0xc9000000, 0x9c000000, 0xef000000
+	.long		0xa0000000, 0xe0000000, 0x3b000000, 0x4d000000
+	.long		0xae000000, 0x2a000000, 0xf5000000, 0xb0000000
+	.long		0xc8000000, 0xeb000000, 0xbb000000, 0x3c000000
+	.long		0x83000000, 0x53000000, 0x99000000, 0x61000000
+	.long		0x17000000, 0x2b000000, 0x04000000, 0x7e000000
+	.long		0xba000000, 0x77000000, 0xd6000000, 0x26000000
+	.long		0xe1000000, 0x69000000, 0x14000000, 0x63000000
+	.long		0x55000000, 0x21000000, 0x0c000000, 0x7d000000
+	.endif
+	.endm
diff --git a/include/crypto/aes.h b/include/crypto/aes.h
index 7524ba3b6f3c..8a4afdca611e 100644
--- a/include/crypto/aes.h
+++ b/include/crypto/aes.h
@@ -27,11 +27,6 @@  struct crypto_aes_ctx {
 	u32 key_length;
-extern const u32 crypto_ft_tab[4][256];
-extern const u32 crypto_fl_tab[4][256];
-extern const u32 crypto_it_tab[4][256];
-extern const u32 crypto_il_tab[4][256];
 int crypto_aes_set_key(struct crypto_tfm *tfm, const u8 *in_key,
 		unsigned int key_len);
 int crypto_aes_expand_key(struct crypto_aes_ctx *ctx, const u8 *in_key,