[v2,09/11] cpufreq: scmi: Match scmi device by both name and protocol id

Message ID 20191218111742.29731-10-sudeep.holla@arm.com
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  • firmware: arm_scmi: Add support for multiple device per protocol
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Sudeep Holla Dec. 18, 2019, 11:17 a.m.
The scmi bus now has support to match the driver with devices not only
based on their protocol id but also based on their device name if one is
available. This was added to cater the need to support multiple devices
and drivers for the same protocol.

Let us add the name "cpufreq" to scmi_device_id table in the driver so
that in matches only with device with the same name and protocol id
SCMI_PROTOCOL_PERF. This will help to add "devfreq" device/driver.

Acked-by: Viresh Kumar <viresh.kumar@linaro.org>

Signed-off-by: Sudeep Holla <sudeep.holla@arm.com>

 drivers/cpufreq/scmi-cpufreq.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)



diff --git a/drivers/cpufreq/scmi-cpufreq.c b/drivers/cpufreq/scmi-cpufreq.c
index e6182c89df79..61623e2ff149 100644
--- a/drivers/cpufreq/scmi-cpufreq.c
+++ b/drivers/cpufreq/scmi-cpufreq.c
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@  static void scmi_cpufreq_remove(struct scmi_device *sdev)
 static const struct scmi_device_id scmi_id_table[] = {
+	{ SCMI_PROTOCOL_PERF, "cpufreq" },
 	{ },
 MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(scmi, scmi_id_table);