[Branch,~linaro-validation/lava-dashboard/trunk] Rev 283: Some minor improvements to the bundle list template:

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Paul Larson Nov. 17, 2011, 5:20 p.m.
Merge authors:
  Paul Larson (pwlars)
Related merge proposals:
  proposed by: Paul Larson (pwlars)
  review: Approve - Yongqin Liu (liuyq0307)
revno: 283 [merge]
committer: Paul Larson <paul.larson@canonical.com>
branch nick: lava-dashboard
timestamp: Thu 2011-11-17 11:17:57 -0600
  Some minor improvements to the bundle list template:
  1. Remove "problems?" field, seems a bit redundant, and ambiguous
  2. Add passes/fails/totals details for each bundle
  The rationale behind this is that by looking at a bundle stream, you can
  easily spot bundles that have unusual results, for example, runs that
  didn't complete properly, massive numbers of failures, etc.


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=== modified file 'dashboard_app/templates/dashboard_app/bundle_list.html'
--- dashboard_app/templates/dashboard_app/bundle_list.html	2011-09-27 21:30:09 +0000
+++ dashboard_app/templates/dashboard_app/bundle_list.html	2011-11-15 19:03:46 +0000
@@ -61,16 +61,21 @@ 
       <th>{% trans "Bundle Name" %}</th>
+      <th>{% trans "Passes" %}</th>
+      <th>{% trans "Fails " %}</th>
+      <th>{% trans "Total Results" %}</th>
       <th>{% trans "Uploaded On" %}</th>
       <th>{% trans "Uploaded By" %}</th>
       <th>{% trans "Deserialized?" %}</th>
-      <th>{% trans "Problems?" %}</th>
     {% for bundle in bundle_list %}
       <td><a href="{{ bundle.get_absolute_url }}"><code>{{ bundle.content_filename }}</code></a></td>
+      <td>{{ bundle.get_summary_results.pass }}</td>
+      <td>{{ bundle.get_summary_results.fail }}</td>
+      <td>{{ bundle.get_summary_results.total }}</td>
       <td>{{ bundle.uploaded_on|date:"Y-m-d H:i:s"}}</td>
         {% if bundle.uploaded_by %}
@@ -80,7 +85,6 @@ 
         {% endif %}
       <td>{{ bundle.is_deserialized|yesno }}</td>
-      <td>{% if bundle.deserialization_error %}yes{% endif %}</td>
     {% endfor %}