[GIT,PULL,01/11] Non-critical bug fixes

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git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc.git next/fixes-non-critical


Arnd Bergmann Jan. 9, 2012, 10:12 p.m.
Simple bug fixes that were not considered important enough for inclusion
into 3.2.

The following changes since commit 7b9dd47136c07ffd883aff6926c7b281e4c1eea4:

  Merge branch 'restart' into for-linus (2012-01-05 13:25:27 +0000)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc.git next/fixes-non-critical

Aaro Koskinen (1):
      ARM: OMAP: hwmod data: fix the panic on Nokia RM-680 during boot

Arnd Bergmann (1):
      Merge branch 'pxa/fixes-non-critical' into next/fixes-non-critical

Axel Lin (1):
      ARM: pxa: Include linux/export.h in balloon3.c

Benoit Cousson (1):
      ARM: OMAP4: hwmod: Don't wait for the idle status if modulemode is not supported

Haojian Zhuang (1):
      MAINTAINERS: update pxa and mmp

Olof Johansson (4):
      Merge branch 'fixes-non-critical' of git://git.kernel.org/.../tmlind/linux-omap into omap/fixes-non-critical
      Merge branch 'omap/fixes-non-critical' into next/fixes-non-critical
      Merge branch 'omap/fixes-hwmod' into next/fixes-non-critical
      Merge branch 'omap/fixes-non-critical-part2' into next/fixes-non-critical

Paul Walmsley (1):
      ARM: OMAP: AM3517/3505: fix crash on boot due to incorrect voltagedomain data

Peter Ujfalusi (2):
      ARM: OMAP2+: DMA: Workaround for invalid source position
      ARM: OMAP2+: DMA: Workaround for invalid destination position

Santosh Shilimkar (1):
      ARM: OMAP4: clock: Add CPU local timer clock node

Tony Lindgren (1):
      Merge branch 'hwmod_data_fixes_3.2rc' of git://git.pwsan.com/linux-2.6 into fixes-hwmod

 MAINTAINERS                                   |   22 ++----
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/clock44xx_data.c          |    9 ++
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/omap_hwmod.c              |   98 ++++++++++++------------
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/omap_hwmod_3xxx_data.c    |   14 +++-
 arch/arm/mach-omap2/voltagedomains3xxx_data.c |   40 +++++++++--
 arch/arm/mach-pxa/balloon3.c                  |    1 +
 arch/arm/plat-omap/dma.c                      |   22 +++++-
 7 files changed, 134 insertions(+), 72 deletions(-)