[00/24] Set 3: Fix another set of SCSI related W=1 warnings

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  • Set 3: Fix another set of SCSI related W=1 warnings
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Lee Jones July 9, 2020, 5:45 p.m.
This set is part of a larger effort attempting to clean-up W=1
kernel builds, which are currently overwhelmingly riddled with
niggly little warnings.

Slowly working through the SCSI related ones.  There are many.

This brings the total of W=1 SCSI wanings from 1690 in v5.8-rc1 to 1109.

Lee Jones (24):
  scsi: aacraid: aachba: Repair two kerneldoc headers
  scsi: aacraid: commctrl: Fix a few kerneldoc issues
  scsi: aacraid: dpcsup: Fix logical bug when !DBG
  scsi: aacraid: dpcsup: Remove unused variable 'status'
  scsi: aacraid: dpcsup: Demote partially documented function header
  scsi: aic94xx: aic94xx_seq: Document 'lseq' and repair
    asd_update_port_links() header
  scsi: aacraid: commsup: Fix a bunch of function header issues
  scsi: aic94xx: aic94xx_scb: Fix a couple of formatting and bitrot
  scsi: aacraid: rx: Fill in the very parameter descriptions for
  scsi: pm8001: pm8001_ctl: Provide descriptions for the many
    undocumented 'attr's
  scsi: ipr: Fix a mountain of kerneldoc misdemeanours
  scsi: virtio_scsi: Demote seemingly unintentional kerneldoc header
  scsi: ipr: Remove a bunch of set but checked variables
  scsi: ipr: Fix struct packed-not-aligned issues
  scsi: myrs: Demote obvious misuse of kerneldoc to standard comment
  scsi: megaraid: Fix a whole bunch of function header formatting issues
  scsi: be2iscsi: be_iscsi: Fix API/documentation slip
  scsi: be2iscsi: be_main: Fix misdocumentation of 'pcontext'
  scsi: be2iscsi: be_mgmt: Add missing function parameter description
  scsi: lpfc: lpfc_nvme: Correct some pretty obvious misdocumentation
  scsi: aic7xxx: aic79xx_osm: Remove unused variable 'ahd'
  scsi: aic7xxx: aic79xx_osm: Remove unused variables 'wait' and
  scsi: aic7xxx: aic79xx_osm: Fix 'amount_xferred' set but not used
  scsi: aic7xxx: aic79xx_osm: Remove set but unused variabes
    'saved_scsiid' and 'saved_modes'

 drivers/scsi/aacraid/aachba.c      |   5 +-
 drivers/scsi/aacraid/commctrl.c    |  14 +-
 drivers/scsi/aacraid/commsup.c     |  12 +-
 drivers/scsi/aacraid/dpcsup.c      |  15 +-
 drivers/scsi/aacraid/rx.c          |  12 +-
 drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic79xx_osm.c |  16 +--
 drivers/scsi/aic94xx/aic94xx_scb.c |   6 +-
 drivers/scsi/aic94xx/aic94xx_seq.c |   6 +-
 drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_iscsi.c   |  11 +-
 drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_main.c    |   4 +-
 drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c    |   3 +-
 drivers/scsi/ipr.c                 |  90 +++++++-----
 drivers/scsi/ipr.h                 |   4 +-
 drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_nvme.c      |  38 +++--
 drivers/scsi/megaraid.c            | 218 ++++++++++++++---------------
 drivers/scsi/myrs.c                |  34 ++---
 drivers/scsi/pm8001/pm8001_ctl.c   |  14 ++
 drivers/scsi/virtio_scsi.c         |   2 +-
 18 files changed, 275 insertions(+), 229 deletions(-)