[21/30] scsi: be2iscsi: be_mgmt: Fix beiscsi_phys_port()'s name in header

Message ID 20210312094738.2207817-22-lee.jones@linaro.org
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  • Rid W=1 warnings in SCSI
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Lee Jones March 12, 2021, 9:47 a.m.
Fixes the following W=1 kernel build warning(s):

 drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c:1270: warning: expecting prototype for beiscsi_phys_port(). Prototype was for beiscsi_phys_port_disp() instead

Cc: Subbu Seetharaman <subbu.seetharaman@broadcom.com>
Cc: Ketan Mukadam <ketan.mukadam@broadcom.com>
Cc: Jitendra Bhivare <jitendra.bhivare@broadcom.com>
Cc: "James E.J. Bottomley" <jejb@linux.ibm.com>
Cc: "Martin K. Petersen" <martin.petersen@oracle.com>
Cc: linux-drivers@broadcom.com
Cc: linux-scsi@vger.kernel.org
Signed-off-by: Lee Jones <lee.jones@linaro.org>

 drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)



diff --git a/drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c b/drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c
index 0d4928567265d..462717bbb5b7e 100644
--- a/drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c
+++ b/drivers/scsi/be2iscsi/be_mgmt.c
@@ -1256,7 +1256,7 @@  beiscsi_adap_family_disp(struct device *dev, struct device_attribute *attr,
- * beiscsi_phys_port()- Display Physical Port Identifier
+ * beiscsi_phys_port_disp()- Display Physical Port Identifier
  * @dev: ptr to device not used.
  * @attr: device attribute, not used.
  * @buf: contains formatted text port identifier