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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
[Linaro-uefi,v2] EFI: fix build for AARCH64 --- 2017-01-03 Leif Lindholm Superseded
[Linaro-uefi,v2] EFI: fix build for AARCH64 --- 2017-01-03 Leif Lindholm New
[Linaro-uefi] Platforms/ARM: move ARM platforms to generic ResetSystemRuntimeDxe --- 2017-07-04 Leif Lindholm Accepted
[Linaro-uefi] Platforms/ARM: move AArch64 platforms to generic ResetSystemRuntimeDxe --- 2017-07-03 Leif Lindholm Accepted
[Linaro-uefi] Platforms/ARM/Juno: fix RELEASE build with new PciHostBridgeLib --- 2017-04-12 Leif Lindholm Accepted
[Linaro-uefi] Platforms/AMD/Styx: fix duplicate typedef in AmdIscpDxe --- 2017-04-12 Leif Lindholm Accepted
[Linaro-uefi] EFI: fix build for AARCH64 --- 2016-12-19 Leif Lindholm Superseded
[Linaro-uefi] Drivers/Net: delete Lan91x Ethernet driver --- 2017-04-19 Leif Lindholm Accepted
[Linaro-uefi] Drivers: MarvellYukonDxe driver binding fixes --- 2017-04-12 Leif Lindholm New
[Linaro-uefi] Delete outdated [Linaro-uefi] Delete outdated --- 2019-07-11 Leif Lindholm New