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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
UniPhier Initial Support --- 2017-06-09 Masahiro Yamada New
Makefile: Add ability to build dtb (v2) --- 2017-09-20 Nishanth Menon New
uniphier: fix section of ROTPK hash --- 2017-10-17 Masahiro Yamada New
Fix build error when creating ROT key for UniPhier platform --- 2017-11-03 Masahiro Yamada New
uniphier: a bundle of fixes --- 2017-12-20 Masahiro Yamada New
Build: trivial fixes --- 2017-12-24 Masahiro Yamada New
uniphier: clean-up platform makefile --- 2018-01-04 Masahiro Yamada New
Hikey960: Fix hikey960 pcie mount fail --- 2018-01-09 Kaihua Zhong New
Support GZIP-compressed images for faster loading and verification --- 2018-01-15 Masahiro Yamada New
utils: rename struct mem_region_t to struct mem_region --- 2018-01-16 Masahiro Yamada New
uniphier: migrate to BL2-AT-EL3 --- 2018-01-22 Masahiro Yamada New
A new way to deprecate APIs --- 2018-01-24 Masahiro Yamada New
fiptool: Fix use after free --- 2018-01-27 Andreas Färber New
docs: hikey: Fix typo --- 2018-01-29 Andreas Färber New
uniphier: fix and improve memory layout --- 2018-01-30 Masahiro Yamada New
Fix zero_normalmem() for BL2_AT_EL3 --- 2018-02-01 Masahiro Yamada New
Use consistent int-ll64 typedefs for aarch32 and aarch64 --- 2018-02-02 Masahiro Yamada New
tegra: Fix mmap_region_t struct mismatch --- 2018-02-17 Andreas Färber New
TI K3 platform support --- 2018-06-05 Nishanth Menon New
uniphier: fix CCI-500 connection for LD20 --- 2018-06-12 Satoshi Ikawa New
maintainers.rst: separate maintainership of uniphier and synquacer --- 2018-06-22 Masahiro Yamada New
Hikey960: configure pins for PCIe controller --- 2018-07-25 Kaihua Zhong New
uniphier: clean-up and improve SCP handling code --- 2018-10-30 Masahiro Yamada New
plat: juno: fix build for !CSS_USE_SCMI_DRIVER --- 2018-11-01 Sudeep Holla New
multi_console: Check functions are not NULL --- 2019-01-23 Joel New
Update TF-A version to 2.1 --- 2019-03-27 Soby Mathew New