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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
Update documentation files for installation --- 2017-07-24 Loys Ollivier Accepted
Provide a template secrets.yml --- 2017-07-25 Loys Ollivier Accepted
Update INSTALL documentation --- 2017-10-03 Loys Ollivier Accepted
T7884 kernelci-celery: allow POST requests on /bisect API entry point --- 2018-06-07 Guillaume Tucker Accepted
Replace /etc/linaro with /etc/kernelci --- 2019-10-24 Guillaume Tucker New
init-conf: fix mongod service name for Debian --- 2020-01-08 Guillaume Tucker New
Rename staging-api. to --- 2020-02-07 Guillaume Tucker New
host_vars: add missing kci_app_name variable --- 2021-05-11 Guillaume Tucker Accepted