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[v2,14/23] mtd: ubi: gluebi: Fix misnamed function parameter documentation

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Lee Jones Nov. 6, 2020, 9:36 p.m. UTC
Fixes the following W=1 kernel build warning(s):

 drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c:446: warning: Function parameter or member 'ns_ptr' not described in 'gluebi_notify'
 drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c:446: warning: Excess function parameter 'ptr' description in 'gluebi_notify'

Cc: Richard Weinberger <richard@nod.at>
Cc: Miquel Raynal <miquel.raynal@bootlin.com>
Cc: Vignesh Raghavendra <vigneshr@ti.com>
Cc: linux-mtd@lists.infradead.org
Signed-off-by: Lee Jones <lee.jones@linaro.org>

 drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)


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diff --git a/drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c b/drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c
index cc547b37cace5..1b980d15d9fbf 100644
--- a/drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c
+++ b/drivers/mtd/ubi/gluebi.c
@@ -439,7 +439,7 @@  static int gluebi_resized(struct ubi_volume_info *vi)
  * gluebi_notify - UBI notification handler.
  * @nb: registered notifier block
  * @l: notification type
- * @ptr: pointer to the &struct ubi_notification object
+ * @ns_ptr: pointer to the &struct ubi_notification object
 static int gluebi_notify(struct notifier_block *nb, unsigned long l,
 			 void *ns_ptr)