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[00/69] mxser: cleanup

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Jiri Slaby June 18, 2021, 6:14 a.m. UTC
I was given a few cards from MOXA (thanks a lot). So I cleaned up the
driver and can continue maintaining it.

A long term goal is to convert the driver to serial_core.

Jiri Slaby (70):
  mxser: drop ISA support
  mxser: renumber mxser_cards
  mxser: remove info printout from init
  mxser: integrate mxser.h into .c
  mxser: cleanup Gpci_uart_info struct
  mxser: rename CheckIsMoxaMust to mxser_get_must_hwid
  mxser: rename mxser_board::chip_flag to must_hwid
  mxser: introduce enum mxser_must_hwid
  mxser: drop constant board::uart_type
  mxser: move max_baud from port to board
  mxser: remove nonsense from ISR
  mxser: cleanup LSR handling in mxser_receive_chars
  mxser: extract port ISR
  mxser: simplify mxser_interrupt and drop mxser_board::vector_mask
  mxser: extract mxser_receive_chars_new
  mxser: extract mxser_receive_chars_old
  mxser: remove else from LSR bits checks
  mxser: correct types for uart variables
  mxser: make xmit ring buffer variables unsigned
  mxser: drop UART_MCR_AFE and UART_LSR_SPECIAL defines
  mxser: drop unused MOXA_DIAGNOSE macro
  mxser: remove MOXA_GET_MAJOR deprecated ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_SET_BAUD_METHOD ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_ASPP_MON and friends
  mxser: remove MOXA_ASPP_LSTATUS ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_CHKPORTENABLE ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_GETDATACOUNT ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_GETMSTATUS ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_ASPP_OQUEUE ioctl
  mxser: remove MOXA_HighSpeedOn ioctl
  mxser: remove cnt from mxser_receive_chars
  mxser: don't allocate MXSER_PORTS + 1
  mxser: drop unused mxser_port::normal_termios
  mxser: remove unused mxser_port::stop_rx
  mxser: drop mxser_port::baud_base
  mxser: drop mxser_port::custom_divisor
  mxser: cleanup mxser_change_speed
  mxser: extract mxser_ioctl_op_mode
  mxser: simplify mxser_ioctl_op_mode
  mxser: dedup mxser_must_set_enhance_mode
  mxser: introduce mxser_must_select_bank and use it
  mxser: clean up the rest of MUST helpers
  mxser: move board init into mxser_initbrd
  mxser: inline mxser_board_remove into mxser_remove
  mxser: pci, switch to managed resources
  mxser: move request irq to probe and switch to managed
  mxser: remove info message from probe
  mxser: remove mxser_cardinfo
  mxser: cleanup mxser_process_txrx_fifo
  mxser: rework and simplify mxser_open
  mxser: make mxser_board::idx really an index
  mxser: alloc struct mxser_board dynamically
  mxser: alloc only needed # of ports
  mxser: remove pointless ioaddr checks
  mxser: cleanup mxser_rs_break
  mxser: cleanup mxser_dtr_rts
  mxser: don't start TX from tty_operations::put_char
  mxser: extract and dedup CTS handling
  mxser: introduce and use start/stop_tx helpers
  mxser: remove xmit_cnt < 0 tests
  mxser: decrypt FCR values
  mxser: fix typos around enhanced mode
  mxser: access info->MCR under info->slock
  mxser: use port variable in mxser_set_serial_info
  mxser: rename flags to old_speed in mxser_set_serial_info
  mxser: introduce mxser_16550A_or_MUST helper
  mxser: Documentation, remove traces of callout device
  mxser: Documentation, make the docs up-to-date
  mxser: Documentation, fix typos
  MAINTAINERS: add me back as mxser maintainer

 .../driver-api/serial/moxa-smartio.rst        |  496 +----
 MAINTAINERS                                   |    3 +-
 drivers/tty/Kconfig                           |    2 +-
 drivers/tty/mxser.c                           | 1950 +++++------------
 drivers/tty/mxser.h                           |  151 --
 5 files changed, 622 insertions(+), 1980 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 drivers/tty/mxser.h