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[v5,05/10] tty: n_gsm: increase malformed counter for malformed control frames

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Series [v5,01/10] tty: n_gsm: add restart flag to DLC specific ioctl config | expand

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D. Starke May 17, 2023, 3:56 p.m. UTC
From: Daniel Starke <daniel.starke@siemens.com>

The malformed counter in gsm_mux is already increased in case of errors
detected in gsm_queue() and gsm1_receive(). gsm_dlci_command() also
detects a case for a malformed frame but does not increase the malformed
counter yet.

Fix this by also increasing the gsm_mux malformed counter in case of a
malformed frame in gsm_dlci_command().
Note that the malformed counter is not yet exposed and only set internally.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Starke <daniel.starke@siemens.com>
 drivers/tty/n_gsm.c | 4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

v4 -> v5:
No changes.

Please note that I cannot response to emails until August 7th. Felix Haase
will take over from our side for questions regarding this patch series or
the n_gsm.

Link: https://lore.kernel.org/all/20230426080315.7595-5-daniel.starke@siemens.com/
diff mbox series


diff --git a/drivers/tty/n_gsm.c b/drivers/tty/n_gsm.c
index 186f463f0f11..5b6a03668c78 100644
--- a/drivers/tty/n_gsm.c
+++ b/drivers/tty/n_gsm.c
@@ -2455,8 +2455,10 @@  static void gsm_dlci_command(struct gsm_dlci *dlci, const u8 *data, int len)
 	data += dlen;
 	/* Malformed command? */
-	if (clen > len)
+	if (clen > len) {
+		dlci->gsm->malformed++;
+	}
 	if (command & 1)
 		gsm_control_message(dlci->gsm, command, data, clen);