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i2c: designware: Fix functionality in !CONFIG_ACPI case

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John Stultz June 23, 2020, 2:51 a.m. UTC
On the HiKey board, where CONFIG_ACPI is not set, we started
to see a graphics regression where the adv7511 HDMI bridge driver
wasn't probing. This was due to the i2c bus failing to start up.

I bisected the problem down to commit f9288fcc5c615 ("i2c:
designware: Move ACPI parts into common module") and after
looking at it a bit, I realized that change moved some
initialization into i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(). However,
i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed() is only functional if CONFIG_ACPI
is set.

This patch pulls i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed() out of the
ifdef CONFIG_ACPI conditional, and gets the board working again.

Cc: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@linux.intel.com>
Cc: Jarkko Nikula <jarkko.nikula@linux.intel.com>
Cc: Wolfram Sang <wsa@kernel.org>
Cc: linux-i2c@vger.kernel.org
Fixes: f9288fcc5c615 ("i2c: designware: Move ACPI parts into common module")
Signed-off-by: John Stultz <john.stultz@linaro.org>

 drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-common.c | 4 ++--
 drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-core.h   | 3 +--
 2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff mbox series


diff --git a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-common.c b/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-common.c
index e3a8640db7da..33de185e15f2 100644
--- a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-common.c
+++ b/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-common.c
@@ -286,6 +286,8 @@  int i2c_dw_acpi_configure(struct device *device)
+#endif	/* CONFIG_ACPI */
 void i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(struct device *device)
 	struct dw_i2c_dev *dev = dev_get_drvdata(device);
@@ -317,8 +319,6 @@  void i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(struct device *device)
-#endif	/* CONFIG_ACPI */
 u32 i2c_dw_scl_hcnt(u32 ic_clk, u32 tSYMBOL, u32 tf, int cond, int offset)
diff --git a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-core.h b/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-core.h
index 556673a1f61b..ea2485872cab 100644
--- a/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-core.h
+++ b/drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-designware-core.h
@@ -364,8 +364,7 @@  int i2c_dw_validate_speed(struct dw_i2c_dev *dev);
 int i2c_dw_acpi_configure(struct device *device);
-void i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(struct device *device);
 static inline int i2c_dw_acpi_configure(struct device *device) { return -ENODEV; }
-static inline void i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(struct device *device) {}
+void i2c_dw_acpi_adjust_bus_speed(struct device *device);