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[v3,1/6] docs: staging/tee.rst: add a section on OP-TEE notifications

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Jens Wiklander July 23, 2021, 9:44 a.m. UTC
Adds a section on notifications used by OP-TEE, synchronous and

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@@ -184,6 +184,33 @@  order to support device enumeration. In other words, OP-TEE driver invokes this
 application to retrieve a list of Trusted Applications which can be registered
 as devices on the TEE bus.
+OP-TEE notifications
+There are two kinds of notifications that secure world can use to make
+normal world aware of some event.
+1. Synchronous notifications delivered with ``OPTEE_RPC_CMD_NOTIFICATION``
+   using the ``OPTEE_RPC_NOTIFICATION_SEND`` parameter.
+2. Asynchronous notifications delivered with a combination of a non-secure
+   interrupt and a fast call from the non-secure interrupt handler.
+Synchronous notifications are limited by depending on RPC for delivery,
+this is only usable when secure world is entered with a yielding call via
+``OPTEE_SMC_CALL_WITH_ARG``. This excludes such notifications from secure
+world interrupt handlers.
+An asynchronous notification is delivered via a non-secure interrupt to an
+interrupt handler registered in the OP-TEE driver. The actual notification
+value are retrieved with the fast call ``OPTEE_SMC_GET_ASYNC_NOTIF_VALUE``.
+One notification value ``OPTEE_SMC_ASYNC_NOTIF_VALUE_DO_BOTTOM_HALF`` has a
+special meaning. When this value is received it means that normal world is
+supposed to make a yielding call ``OPTEE_MSG_CMD_DO_BOTTOM_HALF``. This
+call is done from the thread assisting the interrupt handler. This is a
+building block for OP-TEE OS in secure world to implement the top half and
+bottom half style of device drivers.
 AMD-TEE driver