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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
machines: Match the new location of tune files --- 2021-08-18 Khem Raj New
96boards-tools: Update to latest to get GPT fix --- 2021-06-03 Khem Raj New
grub-efi,grub: Rename bbappends to match OE-core --- 2021-03-22 Khem Raj New
96boards-tools: Update common-licenses references to match new names --- 2021-02-18 Khem Raj New
weston: Port patches to weston 9 --- 2021-02-06 Khem Raj New
weston: Add leading whitespace for append operator --- 2020-11-14 Khem Raj New
python3 fixes --- 2020-01-30 Khem Raj New
recipes: Use features_check instead of distro_features_check --- 2019-11-23 Khem Raj New
layer.conf: Add 96boards-tools->e2fsprogs to SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIā€¦ --- 2019-11-15 Khem Raj New
weston-init: Remove the bits moved to oe-core --- 2019-09-20 Khem Raj New
weston: Forward port the 96boards specific patch to 7.x --- 2019-09-06 Khem Raj New
burn-boot: Add missing python to rdeps --- 2019-08-17 Khem Raj New
weston: Move the bbappend to version 6 --- 2019-04-07 Khem Raj New
cpupower: Inherit bash-completion --- 2019-03-08 Khem Raj New Fix indentation as per oe-core python style guidelines --- 2018-12-06 Khem Raj New
layer.conf: Add thud to LAYERSERIES_COMPAT --- 2018-09-25 Khem Raj New
weston: Forward port poplar patch to apply on 5.0 --- 2018-09-14 Khem Raj New
[morty] Add support for TRAP_BRANCH/TRAP_HWBKPT in glibc and gdb --- 2018-02-24 Fathi Boudra New