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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
initramfs-test-full: Add support for android-tools + adb deamon --- 2021-10-07 Bhupesh Sharma New
firmware-qcom-sa8155p: Package SA8155p ADP firmware files --- 2021-09-30 Bhupesh Sharma New
initramfs-test-full: Add 'fastrpc' and 'remoteproc' capabilities --- 2021-09-29 Bhupesh Sharma New
gpsd-machine-conf: provide gpsd config for qcom machines --- 2021-08-24 Dmitry Baryshkov New
machines: Adjust for new tune file locations in core --- 2021-08-18 Khem Raj New
Initramfs test --- 2021-04-02 Nicolas Dechesne New
Initramfs to load modules/firmware and mount rootfs --- 2021-02-23 Dmitry Baryshkov New
RFC: opengl-es-cts: add Khronos OpenGL ES CTS --- 2020-07-08 Dmitry Baryshkov New
Mesa3D support for sm8250 --- 2020-07-07 Dmitry Baryshkov New
mesa: Drop upstreamed patch --- 2020-06-26 Khem Raj New
recipes-connectivity: Add networkmanager-qcom to set DB845c eth mac --- 2020-05-13 Anibal Limon New
FastRPC recipe --- 2020-02-19 Anibal Limon New
tqftpserv: Fix build on musl --- 2019-11-30 Khem Raj New
recipes: Use features_check instead of distro_features_check --- 2019-11-23 Khem Raj New
wcnss-config: Do not use tag in SRCREV --- 2019-02-02 Khem Raj New
initrafs-bootrr: use initramfs-framework --- 2019-01-20 Nicolas Dechesne New
layer.conf: Don't take distro policies in hand --- 2018-12-20 Khem Raj New
dragonboard-820c: create 32-bit machine configuration --- 2017-04-17 Pramod Gurav New