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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
Configs for ARM corelink SSE-200 target and Musca A board --- 2019-03-30 Omair Javaid Accepted
Support for debugging on ARMv8-M CPUs --- 2019-03-21 Omair Javaid Accepted
Fix Semihosting FileIO for targets using vcont packet --- 2018-05-31 Omair Javaid Accepted
GDB fileIO stdout support --- 2018-05-31 Omair Javaid Accepted
Add ARM v8 AArch64 semihosting support --- 2018-05-30 Omair Javaid Accepted
Fix AArch64 memory access to better use fast read/write --- 2018-04-30 Omair Javaid Rejected
AArch64 semihosting and GDB fileIO support --- 2018-04-10 Omair Javaid Rejected
Support for AArch32 SIMD/Floating-point registers --- 2018-03-05 Omair Javaid Accepted
Support for Arm VFP v3 registers read/write --- 2018-02-19 Omair Javaid Accepted
Support AArch64 SIMD/FP registers read/write --- 2018-01-21 Omair Javaid Accepted
Allow generation of nested target defined types in gdb target xml --- 2018-01-21 Omair Javaid Accepted
Add STM32H7 config files --- 2017-07-17 Alexandre TORGUE Accepted
flash: Add new stm32h7x driver support --- 2017-07-17 Alexandre TORGUE Accepted
tcl: add hi3798 target and Tocoding Poplar board config --- 2017-06-12 Peter Griffin Accepted
tcl/board: add ARM PB1176JZF-S config --- 2016-01-12 Linus Walleij New
armv4_5: support weirdo ARMv6 secure monitor mode --- 2016-01-12 Linus Walleij Accepted
In --help message, add hint about "-c help". --- 2013-12-20 pfalcon New