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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
Add support to build (and run) an image with Measured Boot and fTPM s… --- 2021-05-11 Javier AlmansaSobrino New
Qemu/armv7: use Arm-TF as secure bootloader --- 2018-02-09 Etienne Carriere New
qemu, qemu_v8: Use telnet instead of custom soc_term --- 2021-08-03 Sumit Garg Accepted
qemu: kernel: Enable Trusted Keys support --- 2021-07-14 Sumit Garg Accepted
br-ext: ftpm: fix recursive dependency on BR2_PACKAGE_OPTEE_OS_EXT --- 2021-07-09 Etienne Carriere Accepted
qemu_v8: xen: replace virt-make-fs with make_ext4fs --- 2021-07-01 Jens Wiklander Accepted
juno: download scp version 2.8 --- 2021-06-29 Jens Wiklander Accepted
qemu_v8: Add support of xen and virtualization --- 2021-06-16 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
Add options to add in UBOOT --- 2021-06-16 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
toolchain: update GCC to v10.2 --- 2021-06-14 Joakim Bech Accepted
Build needed cross toolchain with buildroot for non-x86_64 hosts --- 2021-06-07 Jens Wiklander Accepted
br-ext: optee_client_ext: add config switch to disable RPMB emulation --- 2021-05-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
stm32mp1: fix DTB path in STM32MP15C-ED1 extlinux file --- 2021-04-28 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Add Qemu Linux module building and kernel gdb python helpers --- 2021-04-28 Peter Griffin Accepted
stm32mp1: define STM32MP15C-ED1 --- 2021-04-28 Etienne Carriere Accepted
common: remove deprecated dependency for optee-os-clean-common --- 2021-04-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
stm32mp1: platform fixes + enable SCMI in Linux config --- 2021-04-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
qemu: enable initrd support --- 2021-03-02 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Add support for NXP i.MX8MQ EVK --- 2021-02-17 Jens Wiklander Accepted
travis: remove the .travis.yml file --- 2021-01-25 Joakim Bech Accepted
br-ext: install OP-TEE devkit TAs --- 2021-01-25 Etienne Carriere Accepted
rpi3: recommend 64MB for the boot partition --- 2021-01-12 Joakim Bech Accepted
[RFC] br-ext: install PKCS11 TA upon CFG_PKCS11_TA=y --- 2021-01-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
br-ext: embed opensc for pkcs11-tool --- 2020-12-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Add support for gp-suite in optee_test --- 2020-10-02 Jens Wiklander Accepted
stm32mp1: fix partitioning description and clean make target --- 2020-09-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
fvp: update path to simulator --- 2020-08-12 Jens Wiklander Accepted update help text for 'make flash' --- 2020-06-26 Victor Chong Accepted
qemu: update u-boot config fragment for v2019.01 to v2020.04 --- 2020-06-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
stm32mp1: initial support --- 2020-06-01 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Fix build to dump BR to later releases + few cleanup changes --- 2020-05-26 Etienne Carriere Accepted
doc: update links to the documentation --- 2020-05-06 Joakim Bech Accepted
GitHub: sync GitHub templates and actions from optee_os --- 2020-01-13 Joakim Bech Accepted
devbox: build scp --- 2019-12-25 Pipat Methavanitpong Accepted
misc cleaning up --- 2019-11-08 Victor Chong Accepted
ti platforms: set BR2_TARGET_GENERIC_GETTY_PORT --- 2019-10-08 Joakim Bech Accepted
rpi3: set BR2_TARGET_GENERIC_GETTY_PORT --- 2019-10-07 Joakim Bech Accepted
Move from arm-trusted-firmware to trusted-firmware-a --- 2019-08-13 Victor Chong Accepted
br-ext: optee_client: fix typo --- 2019-08-06 Victor Chong Accepted
qemu_v8: Add support for Secure Boot (TBB) --- 2019-07-20 Victor Chong Accepted
misc updates --- 2019-06-08 Victor Chong Accepted
[RFC] upgrade buildroot to latest release (2019.05) --- 2019-06-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
buildroot: Update toolchain and kernel headers --- 2019-05-22 Joakim Bech Accepted
Add support for DeveloperBox --- 2019-05-21 Pipat Methavanitpong Accepted
Hikey960 Secure Data Path + one buildroot fix --- 2019-05-13 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: fix installation of shared libraries --- 2019-05-02 Jerome Forissier Accepted
set CFG_TA_TEST_PATH=y for optee_client build --- 2019-04-27 Victor Chong Accepted
common: remove depraceted gnome-terminal flag --- 2019-04-23 Joakim Bech Accepted
[RFC] build optee-{test|examples} from CMake only --- 2019-03-20 Etienne Carriere Accepted
buildroot: add optee_os package to copy shared libraries into the root FS --- 2019-03-08 Jerome Forissier Accepted
Hikey960 kernel v5.0 --- 2019-03-06 Jerome Forissier Accepted
docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location --- 2019-02-22 Joakim Bech Accepted
common: remove deprecated rootfs targets --- 2019-02-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] optee services: update script --- 2019-02-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
optee service: update tee-supplicant install path --- 2019-02-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
rpi3: update OpenOCD configuration for RPi3 --- 2019-02-04 Joakim Bech Accepted
Rpi3 nfs fixes --- 2019-02-01 Joakim Bech Accepted
toolchain: Update to GCC82 with TUI enabled --- 2019-01-28 Joakim Bech Accepted
rpi3: Set RPI3_PRELOADED_DTB_BASE for TF-A --- 2019-01-16 Joakim Bech Accepted
rpi3: spawn getty for both HDMI and serial console --- 2018-12-19 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
fvp: use GICv3 to support TF-A v2.0 --- 2018-11-09 Jerome Forissier Accepted
qemu: remove MULTI_CONSOLE=0 to support TF-A v2.0 --- 2018-11-09 Jerome Forissier Accepted
hikey960: add config fragments required for upstream kernel v4.19 --- 2018-10-29 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: use QEMU overlay only when platform is QEMU or QEMUv8 --- 2018-10-25 Jerome Forissier Accepted
poplar: use buildroot for creating initial rootfs --- 2018-10-09 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
qemu, qemu_v8: set QEMU_SMP ?= 2 --- 2018-10-05 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: optee_client: add ion group and set permissions on /dev/ion --- 2018-08-31 Jerome Forissier Accepted
fvp: use DT file foundation-v8-gicv3-psci.dtb --- 2018-08-28 Jerome Forissier Accepted
Remove legacy makefiles --- 2018-08-27 Joakim Bech Accepted
Cleanup regarding manifests and deprecated builds. --- 2018-08-27 Joakim Bech Accepted
buildroot: add teeclnt group and test user account --- 2018-08-22 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: add support for debugging of Normal World applications --- 2018-08-21 Jerome Forissier Accepted
qeu: buildroot: always enable networking --- 2018-08-21 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: run tee-supplicant as non-root --- 2018-08-17 Jerome Forissier Accepted
buildroot: tee-supplicant: use -d (daemonize) option and print OK/FAIL --- 2018-08-17 Jerome Forissier Accepted
poplar: fix dead rootfs URL --- 2018-08-08 Jerome Forissier Accepted
qemu: buildroot: fix networking --- 2018-08-08 Jerome Forissier Accepted
qemu: doc: fix host folder sharing documentation --- 2018-08-08 Jerome Forissier Accepted
GCC 8 --- 2018-08-06 Jerome Forissier Accepted replace bios with u-boot --- 2018-07-19 Jens Wiklander Accepted
grub: ignore harmless warning --- 2018-06-27 Jens Wiklander Accepted
buildroot: provide CFG_TEE_BENCHMARK in optee_client --- 2018-06-27 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
hikey960: update name of recovery files (hisi-*) --- 2018-06-21 Jerome Forissier Accepted
rpi3: use upstream ATF and U-boot --- 2018-06-19 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
Rpi3: build using Buildroot --- 2018-06-11 Joakim Bech Accepted
poplar: add initial --- 2018-06-04 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
qemu_v8: ease SMP testing through QEMU_SMP --- 2018-05-25 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Remove legacy toolchain --- 2018-05-23 Joakim Bech Accepted
buildroot: optee_os services built as buildroot external package --- 2018-05-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
am32xx am57xx dra7xx: build using buildroot --- 2018-05-09 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Buildroot: add openssl --- 2018-05-07 Jens Wiklander Accepted
juno: build using buildroot --- 2018-05-04 Jens Wiklander Accepted
qemu: make check: create symlink to rootfs.cpio.gz --- 2018-05-02 Jerome Forissier Accepted
qemu/qemu_v8: synchronise build scripts --- 2018-04-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
qemu/qemu_v8: dependecy for make targets 'check' --- 2018-04-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
qemu: fix directory creation for output binaries and check target --- 2018-04-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
qemu_virt: boot from arm-tf and allow smp test --- 2018-04-26 Etienne Carriere Accepted fix name of hisi-sec_xloader.img --- 2018-04-26 Jerome Forissier Accepted
hikey960: build using buildroot --- 2018-04-26 Jens Wiklander Accepted
fvp: build using buildroot --- 2018-04-25 Jens Wiklander Accepted
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