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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
tee-supplicant: tee_socket_recv(): report tructated datagrams --- 2021-10-28 Jens Wiklander New
libckteec: Add support for CKM_AES_CMAC_GENERAL --- 2021-09-25 Victor Chong Accepted
tee-supplicant: add config CFG_TEE_SUPP_PLUGIN to enable or not plugin --- 2021-08-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: Miscellaneus fixes --- 2021-07-29 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: Add support for more HMAC mechanisms --- 2021-07-13 Victor Chong Accepted
Add plugin support for AOSP build --- 2021-05-09 Victor Chong Accepted
Allocate page aligned shared memory buffers --- 2021-03-26 Jens Wiklander Accepted
libckteec: Key wrap unwrap --- 2021-03-12 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: release active processing on functions failures --- 2021-03-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: return CKR_CANT_LOCK if mutex fails at lib initialization --- 2021-03-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: add missing unistd.h for group ID type --- 2021-03-09 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: Allow error code CKR_DATA_LEN_RANGE in C_DeriveKey() --- 2021-03-08 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
Add code for C_DeriveKey() --- 2021-02-17 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: serialize: Fix crash with NULL pValue in attribute --- 2021-01-22 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: Add support for modifying and copying objects --- 2021-01-22 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: serialize: fix check for ULONG type entries --- 2021-01-20 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
aosp updates --- 2021-01-15 Victor Chong Accepted
PKCS11: Support for Object APIs - Finding Objects --- 2020-12-24 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
PKCS11: Support for Key Generation (Generic Secret and AES Keys) --- 2020-12-11 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libckteec: minor fixes --- 2020-12-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: Allow 0 length input buffer for update operations. --- 2020-11-30 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
Use pvalloc for shared memory --- 2020-11-16 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Pkcs11 : Add Signing and Verification functions for HMAC --- 2020-11-03 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
tee-supplicant: make RPMB_EMU a conditional assignment --- 2020-10-19 Ilias Apalodimas Accepted
libteec: Handle NULL pointer when using TEEC_TempMemoryReference --- 2020-10-14 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libteec: Avoid memcpy when using TEEC_TempMemoryReference --- 2020-09-15 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
libteec: fix TEEC_RegisterSharedMemory() with a fallback option --- 2020-09-04 Jens Wiklander Accepted
pkcs11 symmetric ciphers --- 2020-08-10 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Pkcs11 create/destroy objects --- 2020-05-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: fix in C_GetMechanismList and prevent segfault in mecha/slot info countings --- 2020-04-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Sync tee.h with Linux kernel v5.6 --- 2020-04-17 Jens Wiklander Accepted
readme: update the link to optee_client documentation --- 2020-04-15 Joakim Bech Accepted
Pkcs11 login --- 2020-04-14 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libteec: registration shared memory for a null buffer is invalid --- 2020-04-14 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libteec: report out of bound memory references from client library --- 2020-04-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: fix querying slot count and mechanism list --- 2020-04-07 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: fix TA API for token flags and user ID --- 2020-03-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: session functions (open/close/get info) --- 2020-03-13 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: get mechanism list/info --- 2020-03-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: implement C_GetTokenInfo() --- 2020-03-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: better handle null size buffer in C_GetSlotList() --- 2020-03-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: pkcs11 slot info --- 2020-03-02 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: handle pkcs11 return value from TA --- 2020-02-11 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: use PRIu32 instead of casts --- 2020-02-11 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: debug helpers for PKCS#11 IDs as strings --- 2020-02-11 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ci: travis: Use proper construct for full clone --- 2020-02-10 David Brown Accepted
libckteec: correct ckteec_invoke_ta() prototype to handle output data size --- 2020-02-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: assert api init/release functions return value compliance --- 2020-02-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libckteec: invocation api function to register shared memory --- 2020-02-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
travis: run checkpach on patches --- 2020-01-29 Jens Wiklander Accepted
tee-supplicant: Rename ftrace config macro --- 2019-10-21 Sumit Garg Accepted
Travis: install package libc6-dev-armhf-cross --- 2019-07-30 Jerome Forissier Accepted
[RFC] tee-supplicant: default enable ftrace a gprof --- 2019-06-27 Jens Wiklander Accepted
tee_client_api: fix typo in comment --- 2019-06-26 Jerome Forissier Accepted
rpmb: return RPMB_RESULT_AUTH_KEY_NOT_PROGRAMMED if key not set --- 2019-06-21 Victor Chong Accepted get rid of CFG_TEE_LOGS_PATH --- 2019-06-14 Victor Chong Accepted
simplify use of TEE fs related configs --- 2019-05-10 Victor Chong Accepted
tee-supplicant: ioctl_emu_read_ctr(): MAC correct data --- 2019-05-05 Jens Wiklander Accepted
tee-supplicant: do not 'mkdir /data/tee' on startup --- 2019-04-27 Victor Chong Accepted
misc updates --- 2019-04-27 Victor Chong Accepted
[RFC] tee-supplicant: Add ftrace buffer dump support --- 2019-04-09 Sumit Garg Accepted
Initialize structured local variable where defined --- 2019-04-04 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libteec: fix clang build errors --- 2019-03-22 Victor Chong Accepted
explicitly initialize local variables --- 2019-03-20 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libteec: fix build warnings --- 2019-03-19 Etienne Carriere Accepted
cmake: support BUILD_STATIC_LIBS/BUILD_SHARED_LIBS --- 2019-03-01 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Fix build warnings and initialize functions local variables --- 2019-02-28 Etienne Carriere Accepted
docs: Remove current docs and link to the new location --- 2019-02-22 Joakim Bech Accepted
tee-supplicant: fix install path in GNU makefile --- 2019-02-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
tee-supplicant: fix cmake to install in bin/ not sbin/ --- 2019-02-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Introduce libsks for PKCS#11 --- 2019-01-11 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] libsks for Pkcs#11 services through OP-TEE SKS TA --- 2019-01-11 Etienne Carriere Accepted
tee_supplicant: gprof: fix compile error --- 2018-11-15 Jerome Forissier Accepted
tee-supplicant: cmake: enable RPMB emulation by default --- 2018-09-07 Jens Wiklander Accepted
tee-supplicant: add daemon mode (-d) --- 2018-08-17 Jerome Forissier Accepted
Makefile and remove export in --- 2018-08-17 Liu Yongqin Accepted
Fixes for GCC 8.1 --- 2018-07-05 Jerome Forissier Accepted
benchmark: fix compilation issues --- 2018-06-27 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
Do not export CMakeLists.txt when running install --- 2018-05-30 Joakim Bech Accepted
libteec: Fix incorrect SOVERSION number --- 2018-05-29 Joakim Bech Accepted
Pkcs#11 services through OP-TEE SKS TA --- 2018-05-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Android related files: move files to vendor partition to support Treble builds --- 2018-03-29 Liu Yongqin Accepted
tee-supplicant: cast sizeof(x) to socklen_t --- 2018-02-15 Jerome Forissier Accepted
tee-supplicant: fix gcc warning --- 2018-02-07 Jens Wiklander Accepted
tee-supplicant: fix use of mem after it's freed --- 2018-01-27 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
[RFC] Client library for Secure Key Services --- 2017-12-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] Use CMake to build optee_client --- 2017-11-29 Joakim Bech Accepted
[RFC] use autotools to handle optee_client build --- 2017-11-21 Etienne Carriere Accepted
libteec/Makefile: generate static library (libteec.a) --- 2017-11-13 Jerome Forissier Accepted
benchmark: use arm generic timers as time/tick source --- 2017-09-16 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
tee_client_api: support calling libteec from cplusplus --- 2017-08-28 Zeng Tao Accepted
rpi3: fix unsupported exclusive access issue --- 2017-07-14 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
libteec: benchmark cleanup --- 2017-06-01 Jerome Forissier Accepted include teec_benchmark.c to fix compiling error --- 2017-05-31 Liu Yongqin Accepted
FS cleanup --- 2017-05-30 Jerome Forissier Accepted
Replace file permission symbolic values by octal numbers --- 2017-05-23 Jerome Forissier Accepted
supplicant: clean duplicated command IDs --- 2017-05-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
client api: fix ULONG_MAX dependency --- 2017-05-22 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Remove SQL-FS --- 2017-04-20 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Use the mode also in open_wrapper --- 2017-03-01 Joakim Bech Accepted
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