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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
poplar: Add initial support --- 2017-10-29 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey960: Add initial support --- 2017-07-25 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: inittab: spawn login shell only on ${CFG_NW_CONSOLE_UART} --- 2017-05-22 Jerome Forissier Accepted
am57xx: tty: add UART ttyS to inittab --- 2017-04-23 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
rpi3: minor: add additional tty --- 2017-04-13 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
Configure loopback device --- 2017-02-20 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Remove big unused files from gcc6x --- 2017-02-07 Joakim Bech Accepted
Add busybox network configuration script --- 2017-01-13 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
Add alias for virtfs share mount --- 2016-10-26 Igor Opaniuk Accepted
Exclude unused large libs from rootfs --- 2016-10-06 Jens Wiklander Accepted
rpi3: add support --- 2016-07-13 Victor Chong Accepted
Exclude static libs from rootfs --- 2016-06-27 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Fix unknown option to 's' error for some projects --- 2016-02-10 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: enable uart3 --- 2015-12-02 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: Set CC_PREFIX correctly when using repo --- 2015-11-12 Joakim Bech Accepted
hikey: set CC_PREFIX before using it --- 2015-10-08 Jerome Forissier Accepted
hikey: use ${CROSS_COMPILE} if set --- 2015-10-05 Jerome Forissier Accepted
vexpress improvements --- 2015-09-03 Jerome Forissier Accepted