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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
pm: add a name identifier & refine suspend/resume ordering --- 2021-11-02 Etienne Carriere New
plat-stm32mp1: prepare clock driver for generic clk framework --- 2021-11-02 Etienne Carriere New
[RFC] Proposal for a driver probing sequence --- 2021-10-27 Etienne Carriere New
[RFC] RAM optimized clk framework : reduce struct clk size : orphan clocks --- 2021-10-25 Etienne Carriere New
[RFC] Proof of concept run-time integrity check --- 2021-10-25 Jens Wiklander New
Unpaged partitioning --- 2021-05-12 Jens Wiklander New
[RFC] Asynchronous notifications --- 2021-05-10 Jens Wiklander New
gdb: introduce helper functions to support gdb debugging --- 2020-06-23 Joakim Bech New
FF-A S-EL1 SPMC --- 2020-06-02 Jens Wiklander New
Add initial UniPhier platform support --- 2020-04-16 Kunihiko Hayashi New
Jas/tpm system pta --- 2020-02-12 Javier AlmansaSobrino New
i.MX support #2 --- 2019-08-01 Silvano Di Ninno New fix hex string conversion in python3 --- 2019-07-30 New
[RFC] Clang support --- 2019-07-29 Jerome Forissier New
i.MX support #1 --- 2019-07-25 Silvano Di Ninno New
Mbed merge to master from import branch --- 2019-03-29 Edison Ai New
Mbedtls as crypto library --- 2019-03-25 Edison Ai New
Mbed import --- 2019-03-22 Summer Qin New
Add support for Hisilicon Hi3519Av100 DEMO board --- 2019-02-15 Zeng Tao New
ta: avb: RSA public key validation --- 2018-12-21 Igor Opaniuk New
Support mbedtls crypto library --- 2018-12-17 Edison Ai New
[RFC] ta: gatekeeper: introduce initial ta implementation --- 2018-12-14 Igor Opaniuk New
core: arm: ree_fs: fix free hash_ctx --- 2018-08-03 Silvano Di Ninno New
libmbedtls: add interfaces in mbedtls for context memory operation --- 2018-07-02 Edison Ai New
drivers: imx_wdog driver cleanup --- 2018-06-26 Silvano Di Ninno New
Support mbedtls crypto library --- 2018-05-23 Edison Ai New
libmbedtls: refine mbedtls license header --- 2018-05-23 Edison Ai New
Update --- 2018-04-02 Maxim Axelrod New
Upstream i.MX SoC support (part1) --- 2018-03-27 Silvano Di Ninno New
Upstream i.MX SoC support --- 2018-03-27 Silvano Di Ninno New
core/crypto/aes-gcm-ce.c:Remove unused included header file --- 2018-03-05 Edison Ai New
ltc: ctr: improve performance --- 2018-03-02 Tetsuya Yoshizaki New
core: fix the reopen session condition for single instance TA --- 2017-12-23 Zeng Tao New
[RFC] Carve out non-secure memory for shared memory and SDP memory --- 2017-11-30 Edison Ai New
core: arm: psci: pass nsec ctx to system_suspend --- 2017-11-06 Zeng Tao New
core: crpto: use ADD_OVERFLOW check --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: FS: storage: don't allow the object_id reside in share memory --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
Coverity scan fixes --- 2017-01-11 Liang Guanchao New
core: fix the user ta memory access permissions --- 2016-12-07 Zeng Tao New
core: pta: socket: enable TA to query recv out buffer --- 2021-10-28 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: fix ASLR problem with short table mappings --- 2021-10-28 Jens Wiklander Accepted
drivers: clk: minor fixes --- 2021-10-27 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] RAM optimized clk framework : weak functions --- 2021-10-25 Etienne Carriere Accepted
drivers: clk: implement clk_is_enabled() --- 2021-10-25 Etienne Carriere Accepted
drivers: clk: add platform data per compatible identifier --- 2021-10-25 Etienne Carriere Accepted
FF-A misc --- 2021-10-20 Jens Wiklander Accepted
plat-stm32mp1: fix securing clock tree --- 2021-10-12 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta/pkcs11: Fix the uninitialized variable --- 2021-10-11 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
plat-stm32mp1: fix computation for HASH1, GPIOZ and CRYP1 clock rates --- 2021-10-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: add call_preinitcalls() --- 2021-10-05 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: new config switch CFG_PREALLOC_RPC_CACHE --- 2021-10-01 Etienne Carriere Accepted
plat-stm32mp1: prepare for clock framework --- 2021-09-29 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Add support for AES CMAC mechanisms --- 2021-09-25 Victor Chong Accepted
Update CHANGELOG for 3.15.0 --- 2021-09-24 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
core: dt: fix missing const attribute on fdt reference --- 2021-09-20 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: enable system PTA upon user TA support --- 2021-09-15 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: arm: fix test on CFG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE value --- 2021-09-14 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: don't register heap pools when too small --- 2021-09-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Virt updates --- 2021-09-07 Jens Wiklander Accepted
ta: remove deprecated CFG_TA_DYNLINK --- 2021-09-06 Etienne Carriere Accepted
mk: fix test on gprof and shared libs configuration for TAs --- 2021-09-03 Etienne Carriere Accepted
build: ldelf and TAs can rely on CFLAGS32/CFLAGS64 --- 2021-09-01 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta: pkcs11: config switches --- 2021-08-24 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta: pkcs11: fix error code in asymmetric signature update sequence --- 2021-08-24 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Add operation state in session --- 2021-07-29 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Remove dual crypto operations from token capability --- 2021-07-29 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
vexpress-qemu_v8a: Enable trusted_keys as early TA --- 2021-07-14 Sumit Garg Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Add support for more HMAC mechanisms --- 2021-07-13 Victor Chong Accepted
mm: fix mobj split by adding core_mmu_find_mapping() helper --- 2021-07-10 Jens Wiklander Accepted
plat-stm32mp1: fix helper function and increase CFG_DTB_MAX_SIZE --- 2021-07-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
mk: LIBGCC_LOCATE_CFLAGS allows setting sysroot path for GCC --- 2021-07-08 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: REE FS: introduce CFG_REE_FS_ALLOW_RESET --- 2021-06-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Small fixes --- 2021-06-03 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Coverity fixes --- 2021-06-03 Jens Wiklander Accepted
plat-imx: add compulab iot-gate-imx8 board support --- 2021-06-03 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
Ffa updates --- 2021-05-26 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: pta: scmi: fix missing threaded state of the channel --- 2021-05-20 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: a32: fix parameter passing for __thread_std_smc_entry() --- 2021-05-19 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: pager: fix increment calculation in tee_pager_set_um_region_attr() --- 2021-05-19 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: fix thread_alloc_and_run() argument passing --- 2021-05-12 Jens Wiklander Accepted
config: add description for CFG_RPMB_* config switches --- 2021-05-12 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: zlib: fix build warning when _LFS64_LARGEFILE is not defined --- 2021-05-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] changes in RPMB configuration --- 2021-05-10 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Misc small patches --- 2021-05-10 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: rename struct tee_pager_area to vm_paged_region --- 2021-05-03 Jens Wiklander Accepted
Unsigned integer constants --- 2021-04-30 Jens Wiklander Accepted
plat-stm32mp1: fix clock, scmi channel IDs and disable BGET tests --- 2021-04-26 Etienne Carriere Accepted
ta: pkcs11: use a temporary list for object under creation --- 2021-04-13 Etienne Carriere Accepted
Update CHANGELOG for 3.13.0 --- 2021-04-12 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
core: stmm: Remove pager constraint on stmm_sp_ops --- 2021-04-09 Etienne Carriere Accepted
[RFC] SCMI PTA with OCALL --- 2021-04-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
mk: core: ta: make early TA compress optional --- 2021-04-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
SCMI: introduce an SCMI PTA interface for REE SCMI agents --- 2021-04-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
scmi-msg: stub drivers API functions --- 2021-04-05 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core: arm: thread: use THREAD_ID_INVALID --- 2021-04-01 Etienne Carriere Accepted
core_mmu: Initialize mmu partition table after relocation --- 2021-04-01 Ruchika Gupta Accepted
core: mm: Use nexus memory allocation api's in carve_out_phys_mem --- 2021-03-26 Sughosh Ganu Accepted
FF-A: spmc sel2 --- 2021-03-26 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: fix rsa public exponent check --- 2021-03-26 Jens Wiklander Accepted
core: pager: initialize vabase in core pager tables --- 2021-03-24 Jens Wiklander Accepted
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