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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
mm: fix the user L1 mmu entries caculation --- 2016-10-10 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: add unwind stack in panic --- 2016-10-13 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: arm: kern.ld.S: put the RO sections together --- 2016-10-15 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: pass back the user data in the irq callback --- 2016-10-24 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: fix the user ta memory access permissions --- 2016-12-07 Zeng Tao New
mm: use more strict user ta memory access control --- 2016-12-08 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: add interface for user TA loading and decryption/authentication --- 2017-04-26 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: ta flags fixup --- 2017-06-01 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: add compile check for CFG_TEE_RAM_VA_SIZE --- 2017-06-06 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: introduce CFG_TEE_START_VADDR and CFG_TEE_TEXT_OFFSET --- 2017-07-05 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: remove mem_map_inited and fix the SHM_VASPACE_SIZE --- 2017-07-08 Zeng Tao Accepted
mk: report an error when the CFG_ARM64{32}_core both missing --- 2017-08-31 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: introduce TEE_RAM_VA_START and TEE_TEXT_VA_START --- 2017-09-04 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: FS: storage: don't allow the object_id reside in share memory --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: crpto: use ADD_OVERFLOW check --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: arm: psci: pass nsec ctx to system_suspend --- 2017-11-06 Zeng Tao New
core: fix the reopen session condition for single instance TA --- 2017-12-23 Zeng Tao New
Add support for Hisilicon Hi3519Av100 DEMO board --- 2019-02-15 Zeng Tao New common mk file for Android build --- 2016-06-02 Yongqin Liu Accepted
mk/ define LD to bfd version by default --- 2017-07-19 Yongqin Liu Accepted
mk/ define OPTEE_BIN for path of tee.bin --- 2017-11-08 Yongqin Liu Accepted
mk/ move ta files to vendor partition --- 2018-06-21 Yongqin Liu Accepted
submit workaround changes for compiling error with aosp master --- 2018-11-05 Yongqin Liu Accepted
python scripts: use host python explicitly for android builds --- 2019-02-25 Yongqin Liu Accepted
Adding plat-sunxi support for BananaPi0 board --- 2018-05-16 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
core: fixed gcc 7 format-truncation errors --- 2018-05-18 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
plat-rpi3: Modify addresses to work with upstream A-T-F. --- 2018-06-13 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
plat-rpi3: Use generic memory layout --- 2019-03-29 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
core: kernel_generic_entry_a64.S: support CFG_DT_ADDR --- 2019-04-12 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
plat-imx: add compulab iot-gate-imx8 board support --- 2021-06-03 Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) Accepted
hikey: make console configurable --- 2015-12-02 Victor Chong Accepted
plat-mediatek: generate new TA dev kit for ARM64 --- 2015-12-09 Victor Chong Accepted
Fix compile error with newer gcc --- 2015-12-10 Victor Chong Accepted
plat-hikey: change default console to UART3 --- 2015-12-11 Victor Chong Accepted
Generate new TA dev kit for ARM32 platforms --- 2015-12-11 Victor Chong Accepted
plat-vexpress: Change UART1_BASE and IT_UART1 --- 2016-01-24 Victor Chong Accepted
pl061 gpio v1 --- 2016-05-05 Victor Chong Accepted
pl061 gpio v2 --- 2016-05-13 Victor Chong Accepted
pl061 gpio v3 --- 2016-05-19 Victor Chong Accepted
drivers: gpio: fix write8 function argument order --- 2016-05-30 Victor Chong Accepted
RFC: drivers: gpio: add get/set gpio pull function --- 2016-05-30 Victor Chong Accepted
RFC: add set_register function --- 2016-07-04 Victor Chong Accepted
io.h: add io_mask{8,16,32} functions --- 2016-07-05 Victor Chong Accepted
pl022 spi --- 2016-07-05 Victor Chong Accepted
pl022 spi v2 --- 2016-07-07 Victor Chong Accepted
some gpio driver enhancements --- 2016-07-22 Victor Chong Accepted
Fix reversed order of carriage return and line feed.. --- 2016-08-04 Victor Chong Accepted
Enable sta and core self tests for all platforms.. --- 2016-08-16 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: enable spi by default and add sample test code --- 2016-11-06 Victor Chong Accepted
.travis.yml: Add Coverity addon --- 2016-11-17 Victor Chong Accepted
README: Update outdated text and link --- 2016-11-30 Victor Chong Accepted
Some spi improvements --- 2016-12-02 Victor Chong Accepted
some SPI refactorization --- 2016-12-28 Victor Chong Accepted
mk/ Allow extra flags for aosp builds --- 2017-03-25 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey960: Initial commit --- 2017-07-11 Victor Chong Accepted
Use core_mmu_get_va whenever possible --- 2017-07-12 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey960: Initial commit v2 --- 2017-07-12 Victor Chong Accepted
mk: Fix check for 2nd toolchain --- 2017-07-17 Victor Chong Accepted export-ta_arm32: Set default value for CROSS_COMPILE --- 2017-07-19 Victor Chong Accepted
poplar: Add initial support --- 2017-12-12 Victor Chong Accepted
core/tee/tadb.c: Workaround error: missing braces around initializer --- 2017-12-12 Victor Chong Accepted
Define register_sdp_mem() only when CFG_SECURE_DATA_PATH is defined --- 2017-12-15 Victor Chong Accepted
[RFC][donotmerge] ci: .travis.yml: use AOSP GCC --- 2017-12-22 Victor Chong Accepted
compiler.h: Avoid bionic macro redefinition --- 2018-02-02 Victor Chong Accepted
Makefile: Set ARCH := arm --- 2018-02-03 Victor Chong Accepted
Force ARCH to arm --- 2018-02-03 Victor Chong Accepted
qemu_virt, qemu_armv8a: enable sdp --- 2018-04-13 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: register additional dyn shm --- 2018-04-13 Victor Chong Accepted allow dependency builds for TAs --- 2018-06-07 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey960: change DRAM1_SIZE_NSEC for 4GB board --- 2018-10-19 Victor Chong Accepted
mk/ remove cp -u option --- 2019-01-28 Victor Chong Accepted
pl022 updates/fixes --- 2019-04-12 Victor Chong Accepted
[DO NOT MERGE] mk/ set CFG_RPMB_FS=y --- 2019-04-26 Victor Chong Accepted
rpmb: write key only if not yet programmed --- 2019-06-14 Victor Chong Accepted
hikey: increase core heap size to 192 kB --- 2019-09-17 Victor Chong Accepted
core: crypto: sm3: remove unused header --- 2019-12-18 Victor Chong Accepted
mk: use 'clang -E' instead of clang-cpp --- 2020-04-21 Victor Chong Accepted
Fix clang build --- 2020-05-07 Victor Chong Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Add support for more HMAC mechanisms --- 2021-07-13 Victor Chong Accepted
ta: pkcs11: Add support for AES CMAC mechanisms --- 2021-09-25 Victor Chong Accepted
ltc: ctr: update pt and ct after acceleration --- 2018-01-19 Tetsuya Yoshizaki Accepted
ltc: ctr: improve performance --- 2018-03-02 Tetsuya Yoshizaki New
Split the optee image into three images to support optee pager in arm-tf --- 2017-06-09 Summer Qin Accepted
Fix OPTEE memory leak issue --- 2018-02-07 Summer Qin Accepted
Mbed import --- 2019-03-22 Summer Qin New
synquacer: Add DeveloperBox platform support --- 2018-05-29 Sumit Garg Accepted
thread: fix stack space to not be part of tee.bin --- 2018-09-28 Sumit Garg Accepted
synquacer: Add RNG pseudo TA --- 2018-09-28 Sumit Garg Accepted
GICv3 interrupt handling fix --- 2018-11-12 Sumit Garg Accepted
core: fix cookie handling issue --- 2018-11-20 Sumit Garg Accepted
synquacer: rng-pta: Add rng info invoke command --- 2018-12-20 Sumit Garg Accepted
core: pta: Add device pseudo TA --- 2019-01-07 Sumit Garg Accepted
trace: fix core id print if in non-atomic context --- 2019-01-17 Sumit Garg Accepted
RFC: Add support for function tracing of user TAs --- 2019-03-28 Sumit Garg Accepted
gprof: define original mcount APIs inserted by compiler --- 2019-04-12 Sumit Garg Accepted
Remove redundant __noreturn from __utee_entry() --- 2019-05-21 Sumit Garg Accepted
ftrace: Add 32 bit apps [and function execution time support -- discarded] --- 2019-06-12 Sumit Garg Accepted
[RFC] pta: add pseudo TA to seal and unseal Linux trusted keys --- 2019-06-13 Sumit Garg Accepted
core: crypto: libtomcrypt: fix LTC_CLEAN_STACK bug --- 2019-06-27 Sumit Garg Accepted
ftrace: Add function execution time support --- 2019-07-04 Sumit Garg Accepted
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