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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
core: fix the user ta memory access permissions --- 2016-12-07 Zeng Tao New
core: FS: storage: don't allow the object_id reside in share memory --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: crpto: use ADD_OVERFLOW check --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: arm: psci: pass nsec ctx to system_suspend --- 2017-11-06 Zeng Tao New
core: fix the reopen session condition for single instance TA --- 2017-12-23 Zeng Tao New
Add support for Hisilicon Hi3519Av100 DEMO board --- 2019-02-15 Zeng Tao New