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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
Add support for Hisilicon Hi3519Av100 DEMO board --- 2019-02-15 Zeng Tao New
core: add compile check for CFG_TEE_RAM_VA_SIZE --- 2017-06-06 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: add interface for user TA loading and decryption/authentication --- 2017-04-26 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: add unwind stack in panic --- 2016-10-13 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: arm: kern.ld.S: put the RO sections together --- 2016-10-15 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: arm: psci: pass nsec ctx to system_suspend --- 2017-11-06 Zeng Tao New
core: crpto: use ADD_OVERFLOW check --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: fix the reopen session condition for single instance TA --- 2017-12-23 Zeng Tao New
core: fix the user ta memory access permissions --- 2016-12-07 Zeng Tao New
core: FS: storage: don't allow the object_id reside in share memory --- 2017-10-17 Zeng Tao New
core: introduce CFG_TEE_START_VADDR and CFG_TEE_TEXT_OFFSET --- 2017-07-05 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: introduce TEE_RAM_VA_START and TEE_TEXT_VA_START --- 2017-09-04 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: pass back the user data in the irq callback --- 2016-10-24 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: remove mem_map_inited and fix the SHM_VASPACE_SIZE --- 2017-07-08 Zeng Tao Accepted
core: ta flags fixup --- 2017-06-01 Zeng Tao Accepted
mk: report an error when the CFG_ARM64{32}_core both missing --- 2017-08-31 Zeng Tao Accepted
mm: fix the user L1 mmu entries caculation --- 2016-10-10 Zeng Tao Accepted
mm: use more strict user ta memory access control --- 2016-12-08 Zeng Tao Accepted