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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
[DRAFT] api: ci: atempt to fetch job as they are watched --- 2021-09-24 Charles Oliveira New
ci: models: delete results from resubmitted jobs --- 2021-07-12 Charles Oliveira New
Disable resubmit button --- 2021-07-12 Charles Oliveira New
WIP: aggretgate testruns in build view into one --- 2021-01-15 Amro Hassaan New
(ONGOING) docs: initiate docs rewrite and theme change --- 2020-11-13 Amro Hassaan New
frontend: test_history: improve load time --- 2020-07-02 Charles Oliveira New
[WIP] doc: A couple of typo fixes and requests for clarification --- 2020-04-17 Paul Sokolovsky New
Added 'Reuse' SPDX compliance tool into travis config --- 2019-08-14 Amro Hassaan New