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Temp: Set up VIXL simulator for SVE. --- 2020-11-10 Artem Serov New
VIXL simulator for ART (Stage1) --- 2020-11-10 Artem Serov New
Temp: Enable SVE for testing. --- 2020-11-10 Artem Serov New
ARM: Optimize div/rem when dividends are non-negative loop counters --- 2020-08-18 Evgeny Astigeevich New
ARM64: Support running all SIMD checker tests in simulator mode. --- 2020-06-11 Artem Serov New
RFC: Show case of SVE loop vectorization in ART. --- 2020-04-29 Artem Serov New
ARM64: intrinsic for ARMv8 --- 2019-11-20 Usama Arif New
[DO NOT MERGE] Measure FP16.toFloat() performance --- 2019-08-21 Xueliang Zhong New
DO NOT MERGE: Turn off LSE for armv8.2. --- 2019-03-25 Artem Serov New
ART: add running gtests in parallel to --- 2019-02-11 Evgeny Astigeevich New
RFC: ART: Introduce HGraph::ShouldBeAsyncDeoptimizeable. --- 2019-01-24 Artem Serov New
ART: Add test for kryo385 and dot product feature. --- 2019-01-16 Artem Serov New
Create a target for armv8-2a+dotprod arch variant. --- 2019-01-15 Artem Serov New
DO NOT SUBMIT: 16 byte alignment of objects but keep data offset. --- 2017-12-05 Xueliang Zhong New
ART: Bugfix for fill-array-day & LSE issue. --- 2017-11-07 Artem Serov New
Improve splitting/spilling position choice. --- 2017-04-03 Artem Serov New
Add comments in VisitSuspendCheck in Codegen --- 2017-02-07 Xueliang Zhong New
linker: try remaining locations on library load failure --- 2016-01-13 Kevin Brodsky New