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Patch Series S/W/F Date Submitter Delegate State
doc: guides: tfm: Add pages on test suites --- 2021-11-01 Kevin Townsend New
lora: Use generic node name "lora" for all lora nodes --- 2021-10-31 Manivannan Sadhasivam New
Add initial pinctrl support for NXP kinetis --- 2021-10-26 Kumar Gala New
drivers/usb: stm23: Fix deprecated macro declaration --- 2021-10-19 Erwan Gouriou New
Introduce MBOX API --- 2021-10-15 Kumar Gala New
checkpatch: Ignore IS_ENABLED_CONFIG warnings --- 2021-10-13 Erwan Gouriou New
ipm: Add support for multi-channel IPM --- 2021-09-14 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Reset Ethernet PHY after system timer on mimxrt1xxx_evk's --- 2021-09-10 Maureen Helm New
soc: stm32g0: pm_power_ functions should be __weak --- 2021-09-06 Erwan Gouriou New
west.yml: hal_stm32: Fix unused var in stm32f4 hal --- 2021-09-01 Erwan Gouriou New
boards: arm: Enable dma driver on mimxrt1064_evk --- 2021-08-24 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: Enable watchdog driver on mimxrt1064_evk --- 2021-08-23 Maureen Helm New
mpu6050: add i2c aux bypass --- 2021-08-19 Sahaj Sarup New
hal: nxp: Pull in fix for NXP LPC platforms --- 2021-08-14 Kumar Gala New
samples: tf-m: Add a new sample `psa_custom_service` --- 2021-06-29 Devaraj Ranganna New
Rework - Sensors build test --- 2021-06-18 Kumar Gala New
tests: build_all: dac: Add a test to build each DAC driver --- 2021-06-18 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: mps3_an547: Enable FVP and QEMU simulation --- 2021-06-18 Kevin Townsend New
ci/tags.yaml: Add entries for a few different tags --- 2021-06-16 Kumar Gala New
modules: trusted-firmware-m: Set TF-M isolation level --- 2021-06-15 Devaraj Ranganna New
manifest: Update loramac-node module --- 2021-06-12 Manivannan Sadhasivam New
scripts/pylib: Review dt_compat_enabled_with_label --- 2021-06-11 Erwan Gouriou New
device: remove deprecated DEVICE_INIT/DEVICE_AND_API_INIT macros --- 2021-06-10 Kumar Gala New
samples: drivers: remove entropy sample --- 2021-06-10 Kumar Gala New - minor fix, cleanup and refactoring --- 2021-06-08 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Clarify J-Link OpenSDA firmware usage for frdm_k64f --- 2021-06-03 Maureen Helm New
doc/releases: v2.6.0: Updates and cleanups --- 2021-06-02 Kumar Gala New
[DNM] Test gen kobj fast --- 2021-05-27 Kumar Gala New
samples: tfm_integration: Extend PSA cryptography demo --- 2021-05-27 Kevin Townsend New
soc: arm: Set lpc55xxx flash wait states unconditionally --- 2021-05-27 Maureen Helm New
doc/releases: v2.6.0: Update drivers section --- 2021-05-26 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Update frdm_k64f and mimxrt10{60,64}_evk board docs --- 2021-05-26 Maureen Helm New
samples: display: Limit lvgl sample execution to boards with shield --- 2021-05-24 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: Enable arduino serial port on mimxrt685_evk --- 2021-05-17 Maureen Helm New
samples: display: Convert driver and lvgl sample.yaml to use depends_on --- 2021-05-16 Maureen Helm New
samples: bluetooth: Convert peripheral_hr sample.yaml to use depends_on --- 2021-05-16 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: lpc55s: Add missing trustzone flag --- 2021-05-14 Kevin Townsend New
modules: tf-m: Add a new config option `CRYPTO_ENGINE_BUF_SIZE` --- 2021-05-13 Devaraj Ranganna New
drivers: gpio: gpio_cy8c95xx: Add error check of i2c_reg_read_byte --- 2021-05-13 Kumar Gala New
samples: sensor: Fix logically dead code in adxl372 and bmg160 samples --- 2021-05-12 Maureen Helm New
tests/kernel/common: Fix test test_nop for ARMV7_M_ARMV8_M_MAINLINE --- 2021-05-10 Erwan Gouriou New
[RFC] pinctrl: stm32: uart low power pinmux (DNM) --- 2021-05-10 Erwan Gouriou New
samples/boards: stm32 pm blinky: Run with twister device testing --- 2021-05-10 Erwan Gouriou New
ci: Reduce number of workers back to 20 --- 2021-05-10 Kumar Gala New
tests: drivers: build_all: Split up test --- 2021-05-07 Kumar Gala New
west.yml: Update mcuboot to include mimxrt106x_evk board configs --- 2021-05-06 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: Enable mcuboot on mimxrt106x_evk (v2) --- 2021-05-05 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: Enable flash storage on mimxrt1060_evk --- 2021-05-03 Maureen Helm New
nxp: kinetis: cleanup pins in devicetree, mark pinctrl-0 required for some devices. --- 2021-05-03 Kumar Gala New
stm32h7: Transition clock configuration from Kconfig to device tree --- 2021-04-29 Erwan Gouriou New
tests: lib: mem_alloc: Fix up conditions for "no_mem" testcases --- 2021-04-27 Paul Sokolovsky New
ci: Handle twister.xml junit files being empty --- 2021-04-20 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Enable mcuboot on mimxrt1064_evk --- 2021-04-20 Maureen Helm New
samples: tfm: PSA firmware update sample --- 2021-04-19 Kevin Townsend New
ci: create a merged junit report --- 2021-04-16 Kumar Gala New
arm: stm32f411e_disco: add dt node for leds and sensors --- 2021-04-09 Sahaj Sarup New
samples: flash_shell: Fix Coverity issue 220540 --- 2021-04-09 Kumar Gala New
nxp: boards: Add device specific pinctrl data to boards --- 2021-04-08 Kumar Gala New
STM32: Move RCC and system clocks configuration to device tree. --- 2021-04-08 Erwan Gouriou New
[Backport v2.5-branch] drivers: uart: uart_cmsdk_apb: fix interrupt handling --- 2021-04-07 Kumar Gala New
samples: sensor: add integration_platforms --- 2021-04-07 Kumar Gala New
riscv: MTVAL CSR not supported on OpenISA RV32M1 --- 2021-04-07 Kumar Gala New
tests: bluetooth: init: Add integration_platforms --- 2021-04-06 Kumar Gala New
nxp: kinetis: Introduce dts pinctrl & convert MCUX UART to utilize --- 2021-04-06 Kumar Gala New
drivers: flash: Fix FlexSPI NOR log module --- 2021-04-06 Maureen Helm New
boards: arm: Configure SDMMC disk driver default on i.MX RT boards --- 2021-04-02 Maureen Helm New
nxp: kinetis: Move GPIO pin mux setting into gpio_mcux_configure --- 2021-04-02 Kumar Gala New
boards: shields: Fix adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2 Arduino D4 pin (SDMMC CS) --- 2021-04-01 Maureen Helm New
MAINTAINERS: CODEOWNERS: Add NXP collaborators --- 2021-03-30 Maureen Helm New
samples: usb: dfu: exclude platforms sample can't be built on --- 2021-03-30 Kumar Gala New
tests: device: tweak test to test linker sorting --- 2021-03-25 Kumar Gala New
soc: stm32l5: Don't disable PWR clock in soc init. --- 2021-03-25 Erwan Gouriou New
include: disk_access: Add a compat warning --- 2021-03-24 Kumar Gala New
include: Move ptp_clock.h to drivers/ptp_clock.h --- 2021-03-24 Kumar Gala New
doc: board_porting: Remove unneeded zephyr_include_directories --- 2021-03-24 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Enable NXP boards with adafruit_2_8_tft_touch_v2 shield --- 2021-03-24 Maureen Helm New
boards: STM32L5: Update TFM related instructions --- 2021-03-19 Erwan Gouriou New
drivers: spi: Use timeout for transfer completion --- 2021-03-11 Manivannan Sadhasivam New
STM32: Run time GPIO clocks gating --- 2021-03-02 Erwan Gouriou New
8mm evk a53 support --- 2021-02-26 Peng Fan New
scripts: dts: gen_defines: Add error check for duplicate labels --- 2021-02-25 Kumar Gala New
modules: Introduce hal-nxp-mcux-sdk --- 2021-02-18 Maureen Helm New
clock_control: Replace device_is_ready with device_usable_check --- 2021-02-16 Kumar Gala New
modules: mcux: Add configs to make building drivers in hal_nxp optional --- 2021-02-12 Maureen Helm New
boards: soc: Set zephyr,flash chosen node for i.MX RT boards --- 2020-11-16 Maureen Helm New
scripts: edt: Add support for include property filtering --- 2020-10-23 Kumar Gala New
[RFC] dts: Add a pykwalify schema file for dts bindings --- 2020-10-23 Kumar Gala New
Bluetooth: Mesh: Add support feature for proxy client --- 2020-09-16 Mental Lingao New
DT Fixes for LPC55S6x --- 2020-07-14 David Brown New
west.yml: Update to pull in TFM v1.1 --- 2020-07-14 Kumar Gala New
doc: Replace shippable badge with buildkite badge --- 2020-07-10 Maureen Helm New
tests: pwm_api: Use smaller pwm period cycles on kw41z-based boards --- 2020-07-10 Maureen Helm New
tests: gen_isr_table: Disable gpio on lpcxpresso54114 --- 2020-07-10 Maureen Helm New
runners: Implement --erase option in pyocd runner --- 2020-07-09 Maureen Helm New
[backport v1.14-branch]sdk: add support for Zephyr SDK 0.11 --- 2020-07-09 Kumar Gala New
boards: arm: Remove OPENSDA_FW cmake variables from nxp boards --- 2020-07-07 Maureen Helm New
Sanitycheck: tweaks to allow --device-testing --build-only to work --- 2020-06-30 Kumar Gala New
disk: Remove instance conditionals from nxp usdhc driver functions --- 2020-06-30 Maureen Helm New
drivers: spi: Add optional delays to mcux dspi and lpspi drivers --- 2020-06-27 Maureen Helm New
ci: Add a daily full build workflow --- 2020-06-26 Kumar Gala New
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